Automatic Slab Load-unload Machine

Description:DTZX - 1000/1200 Automatic load-unload machine As multi-heads automatic continuous grinding machine auxiliary equipment,Website:, we concentrate the machine design and manufacture processing of mechanical, electric, pneumatic trinity organic combination. Mechanical part is made of high qualified steel precision produced; Pneumatic parts adopt Yadeke air cylinder from Taiwan and other well-known brands; We use imported PLC, frequency changer, encoder in the electric control system; Through the control program, professional and technical person will program to control of the machine with intelligent .So, it’s easy to operate. From the plate enter the continuous grinder to processing finished unload material plate, the whole process without manual operation,  it will save 2-3 person per shift . With automatic loading/unloading auxiliary device , automatic multi-heads continuous grinder will raise processing sheet metal efficiency 1.5 times at least .


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