Vertical Mining Stone Block Cutting Machine

1.Description:DTK-3300 vertical mining stone block cutting machine use in the mining to cut stone block mechanical. It powered by electric motors drive the saw blade rotation operation in orbit in two side,Website:, cut into the rock, and is a combination of auxiliary equipment implementation without blasting and new mining technology of hot cutting. It’s popularization and application. It overcome follow problems of traditional machine: the high cost, insecurity, waste resources and pollute the environment. At present, a new generation of mine stone cutting machine has won universal praise of customers.The stone cutting machine features: the machine is less investment, safe and reliable, avoid to use the traditional mining method, blasting mining block level, reducing the processing waste, reduce the labor intensity (only one person per shift operation), to ensure the safety of production, is a high yield of 90% or more, and can be processing of different specifications of the waste material.Very large latest high efficiency and energy savingDTK-3300 mining block stone cutting machineHigh efficiency large of economic benefit: the work 24 hours every stone cutting machine attachment, recoverable block 200 cubic meters, per cubic meter only cost 14 USD, High safety performance: new stone cutting machine production without the explosive detonator, not only ensure the safety of the work site, also avoid the detonator dynamite into the society, effectively eliminate the safety hidden trouble.Installation and mobile1) installation of rock surface must level off, to ensure the track laying parallel and balance.2) move into orbit stone cutting machine, the adjustment of roller and roller spacing is equal, use four cylinder lifting machines to make flat on rail into stone cutting machine. Pay special attention to lifting oil cylinder, and double oil cylinder to 50 mm distance alternating rise and fall. It is forbidden to four cylinder lifting or single cylinder lifting at the same time. At the same time prevent the slope is too large stone cutting machine.3) when completing a job need to move to another track, stone cutting machine should then promote stone cutting machine in a horizontal auxiliary orbit, then using horizontal auxiliary rail push stone cutting machine to another track. A new round of stone cutting operations.2.Parameter:1) about saw blade center distance: 1500... 3200 mm2) saw blade diameter :1600... 3200 mm3) the largest processing depth :850... 1200 mm4) feeding speed: 0... 1.5 min5) main motor - 40 kw6) traction motor :2.2 kw7) lifting motor :2.2 kw8) dimension: 2400 mm * 2300 mm * 2800 mm9) G ross: 10000 kg10) largest water consumption:10 m3 / h


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