ZW Self-Priming Sewage Pump

Product name:ZW type self-priming non-clogging sewage pump Product classification: self-priming pumpProducts overview: ZW type self-priming non-clogging sewage pump is a new pump with suction and discharge performances developed by our company according to the structure and performance of ZX typeself-priming centrifugal pump and QW type submersible sewage pump and the advantages of similar products,Website:, but can pump a large of solid particles including dirt, sediment, goaf impurities, waste treatment and all engineering sewage and colloidal liquid, whose diameter is 60 percent the exit diameter and fiber length is 1.5 times the impeller diameter, It reduces the labor intensity of human completely, and has the convenient installation and use, very little maintenance, and its performance reaches the international advanced level, which have wide application market and development prospect. Our products all adopt the computer design and optimization of processing and the company has the abundant technical force, rich production experience and perfect detection means, thus ensuring the product quality is stable and reliable.Second. Scope of application: Suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, pharmacy, mining, paper-making, fiber, pulp, textile, food, power plants and municipal drainage project, public facilities sewage, aquaculture and other industries.Three, product advantages: 1, Strong discharge capacity: special impeller anti-blocking design ensures the pump of efficiency and no blockage. 2, High efficiency and energy saving: the excellent hydraulic model, the efficiency is higher than general self-priming pump 3 to 5percent. 3, Good self-priming performance: self-priming height is higher than average self-priming pump by 1 meter and with a shorter time.Fourth. Technical parameters:Flow: 5-800m3/h;Lift: 12-60m;Motor power:2.2-55KW;Speed: 1450-2900r/min;Caliber: φ25-φ300;Medium temperature: ≤100℃;Self-priming height: 4.5-6.0m.Model significance: ZW type self-priming non-clogging sewage pump (installation size)ZW type of self-priming non clogging sewage pump (flange size)ZW type self-priming non clogging sewage pump (structure chart)ZW type self-priming sewage pump (performance parameters)TypeFlow (m3/h)Lift(m)Power(km)Speed(r/min)Efficiency(%)Cavitation allowance(m)Self suction height(m)Self priming time(min/5m)Weight(kg)25ZW8-158152.22900452.05.5310032ZW5-205202.22900452.55.5310032ZW10-2010202.22900452.55.5310032ZW9-3093032900482.55.5312040ZW10-2010202.22900452.55.5310040ZW20-1520152.22900452.55.5310040ZW15-30153032900482.55.5312050ZW10-2010202.22900452.55.5310050ZW20-1220122.22900452.55.5310050ZW15-30153032900482.55.5312050ZW20-3520355.52900482.55.5315065ZW30-18301841450452.55.5320065ZW25-3025305.52900503.05.5320065ZW25-4025407.52900503.05.5220065ZW40-2540257.52900503.05.5220065ZW65-256525112900523.05.5224080ZW40-16401641450503.05.0324080ZW40-2540257.52900503.05.5220080ZW25-4025407.52900503.05.5220080ZW65-256525112900523.05.5224080ZW80-358035152900453.05.5328580ZW80-358035151450503.05.5245080ZW50-605060222900553.05.03340100ZW100-15100157.51450504.05.53300100ZW80-2080207.51450534.05.53300100ZW100-2010020111450534.05.53340100ZW100-3010030222900534.05.52510125ZW120-2012020151450554.55.52500150ZW180-1418014151450605.05.53.5500150ZW180-2018020221450605.05.03570150ZW180-3018030371450655.05.03680150ZW180-3818038551450455.06.03.5800200ZW280-1428014221450655.05.03700200ZW280-2828028551450554.05.23940250ZW420-2042020551450616.04.52.51150300ZW800-1480014551450656.04.52.51400


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