CQB Model Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

Product name: CQB series magnetic drive centrifugal pump Product category: Magnetic pump1. Product SummaryCQB magnetic drive centrifugal pump (magnetic pump for short) is usually composed of a motor,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, a magnetic coupling and a corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump. Its main characteristic is the utilization of magnetic coupling to transmit driving force with zero leakage, and when the motor drives the exterior magnetic steel of the magnetic coupling to rotate, the magnetic line passes through the gap and containment shell to act on the interior magnetic steel, enabling synchronous rotation of the pump rotor and the motor and transmission of torque without mechanical contact. At the drive input end of the pump shaft, as the liquid is confined in the static containment shell and there is no dynamic sealing, there is zero leakage. CQB series magnetic pump is the new, zero-leakage, corrosion-resistant type of pump developed by the magnetic pump national united design group. The technical and economic indexes of this type of pump are at the equivalent level with those of overseas homogenous products of the end of the 1980s. CQB series magnetic pump type and its basic parameters conform with JB/T 7742—1995 Standard of Small-size Magnetic Centrifugal Pump Types and Basic Parameters and Supplementary Regulations on the Three Standards for Small-size Magnetic Centrifugal Pump.2. Product FunctionsCQB series magnetic pump is applicable to industries including petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, smelting, electroplating, environmental protection, food, video processing and printing, water treatment and national defense, and is an ideal device for transporting flammable, explosive liquids, volatile liquids, poisonous liquids, rare and expensive liquids and various corrosive liquids. Applicable for transportation of non-hard-particle-containing and fibrous liquids with suction pressure not exceeding 0.2MPa, maximum working pressure at 1.6MPa, temperature not exceeding 100℃,density not exceeding 1600kg/m3 and viscosity not exceeding 30×10-6m2/s.3. Significance of ModelInstallation DimensionStructural DrawingPerformance ParametersModelGauge (mm)Capacity(m3/h)Head(m)Motor power (kW)Voltage(V)MaterialInletOutletCQB32-20-12532203.2201.1380Stainless steelCQB32-20-16032203.2321.5380CQB40-25-12540256.3202.2380CQB40-25-16040256.3323380CQB40-25-20040256.3505.5380CQB50-32-125503212.5203380CQB50-32-160503212.5324380CQB50-32-200503212.5507.5380CQB50-32-250503212.58018.5380CQB65-50-125655025204380CQB65-50-160655025327.5380CQB65-40-2006540255015380CQB65-40-2506540258018.5380CQB80-65-125806550207.5380CQB80-65-1608065503215380CQB80-50-2008050505018.5380CQB80-50-2508050508037380CQB100-80-125100801002015380CQB100-80-160100801003218.5380CQB100-65-200100651005037380CQB100-65-250100651008055380Note: Each model can be equipped with an explosion-proof motor.


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