FZB Series Self-priming Pump

Product name: FZB series fluorine plastic self priming pumpProduct classification: self priming pumpFirst,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, product overview:FZB series of fluorine plastic self priming pumps are designed and manufactured according to the international standard and combined with the technology of nonmetal pump. The pump body uses the metal shell lined with fluorine plastic, over-current components are all manufactured by fluorine plastics alloy, pump covers and impellers are overall sintered and pressed by metal embedded parts outsourcing fluorine plastics, shaft seals adopt the external loading type mechanical seals with advanced corrugated pipe, static rings use 99.9 percent alumina ceramics (or silicon nitride), rotating seals use PTFE filling material and its corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and sealing are excellent. The import and export of the pump are strengthened by steel casting so as to enhance the resistance to pressure. Practical use shows that the pumps have many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, no aging, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, advanced and reasonable structure, rigorous and reliable sealing performance, convenient disassembly and maintenance and long life.The most prominent feature of FZB self-priming pumps are the self suction function, which can pump the liquid below the pump installation position, with stable performance and simple operation, the pumps just need to fill liquid before the first use of pumps, the second and later times can boot directly without filling liquid, the self suction height can be determined according to the medium density in two to four meters. It is the best choice to replace the bulky liquid pumps. Second, main use:The over-current components of FZB self suction pumps are all manufactured by fluorine plastics and have the self suction function. Therefore, FZB pumps are widely used, for example: pumping the underground tank corrosive liquid to target location and pumping the acid-base in the acid-base tank of no export bottom to the target site, or used for cycling between multiple acid tanks, or used to remove acid and so on.Due to humanized design principle and excellent performance, FZB self priming pumps have become one of the essential pump equipment for more and more use units.Third, technical parameter:Flow: 1.5~60m3/h;Lift: 15~50m;Speed: 2900r/min;Power:1.5~15KW;Inlet diameter: 25~80mm;Applicable temperature: -20℃~120℃.Fourth, Model significance:FZB series fluorine plastic self priming pump (installation size)FZB series fluorine plastic self priming pump (performance parameters)


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