2XZ Straight Vacuum Pump

product name:2XZ direct-linked vacuum pumpProduct category: vacuum pump1.Purpose and scope of use1.1 The pump is one of the basic equipments used to pump the gas from sealed containers. It can be used alone,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, or as a backing pump for booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and as a forepump for holding pump, titanium pump. It can be used for manufacturing electric vacuum devices and vacuum flask, vacuum welding, printing, blister, refrigeration equipment repairing and instruments and meters matching etc. It's more suitable for using in the lab as it has small volume, light quality and low operating sound.1.2 The pump can keep continuous operation for a long time when the environmental temperature is within the scope of 540 and the pump inlet pressure is less than 1.3 X103 Pa. Gas ballast valve should be open when the relative humidity of the gas being pumped is greater than 90%.1.3 The pump is not allowed to operate exceeding one min when the inlet is continuously unblocked with air.1.4 The pump is not suitable for pumping gas that will corrode black metals and cause chemical reactions to pump oil, gas containing dust and particles, gas with excessive oxygen, explosive gas and toxic gas.2. Performance Parametermodel2XZ-0.252XZ-0.52XZ-12XZ-22XZ-42XZ-8formdirect-linked twin stage tandem rotary vanepumping rate L/S0.250.51248ultimate vacuum Pa6×10-16×10-2revolving speed r/min1400air inlet diameter mmΦ10Φ13Φ13Φ19Φ19Φ32oil consumption MI0.30.420.40.480.550.7pump oil temperature rise ℃404040454560motor power W0. dimensionL400445445478518510MMW125125125148148165 H224256256227227282Mass Kg151819273035noise db646466687074


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