Spiral Metering Fuel Gun

Product name:Spiral Metering Fuel NozzleProduct Category: barrel oil pumpBrief Introduction:LLY - 15,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, LLY-25, and LLY - 32 metering oil gun are the combination of horizontal spiral flow and oil guns. They are the devices which are used for measuring the volumetric flow of the liquid flowing through a pipe (gasoline, diesel oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, etc.). They are suitable for the filling of light fuel such as gasoline. The products are manufactured according to Q/YOY01-90 standard. With advantages like high precision, easy to use, flexible, they are suitable for the fuel management of highway engineering construction, industrial enterprises and organizations. The BSLJ metering oil gun can be directly installed in the distribution pipe of the tank farm irrigation barrels to refuel. It can also be installed in the distribution tube of gasoline pump of cars and motorcycles to refuel. The oil can be supplied by pump, also can make use of the natural pressure of the oil tank's level difference (pressure should be in 0.4 million or less).It has advantages like small volume, light weight, easy to carry, and accurate measurement, and is suitable for light oil filling.Notes:1. Check if all the parts of the oil gun are in good station before use it. Turn the flow to rated value for it has been proved that the metering oil gun has a high precision in the station of rated flow.2. Keep the dial plate of the oil gun in horizontal position when use it. Please do not beat or hit it. 3. Please often clean out the dirt in the strainer. It is forbidden to use it to measure liquors such as water, alkali, acid.4. The metering oil gun has been checked and adjusted properly before delivery. Thus it is not suggested the users to disassemble it at will. If it is necessary, please follow below orders: (1) put the clear key and take the button down; (2) screw out the dial cover; (3) screw out the pressure ring with special spanner; (4) take down the gear drive; (5) Unscrew the connection wheel on the impeller chamber; (6) remove the inlet tube; (7) take out the impeller chamber from the inlet of the oil gun.It has to remove the impeller chamber and drive part before repair or change the valve rubber gasket. 5. Due to various reasons, the metering oil gun will appear low precision after being used in a time. At this moment, the gun can be adjusted by adjustment devices. During adjusting, unscrew the adjustment device and outside nut, screw the plug with a small screwdriver. When the dial is slow, screw the plug clockwise half a week or several weeks, and trial and error a few times, until it is accurate. Conversely, when the dial is fast, screw plug counterclockwise. After the completion of the adjustment, tighten the outside nut. (Note: "slow" and "fast" mean the errors. For example, the watch point to 100L while there is 105 L medium has passed, which we call it is slow. On the contrary, call it is fast.)6. There should be installed an electrostatic protection device in the refueling system when install or use the metering oil gun.Problems & Solutions:The metering oil gun will have malfunctions like leak, pause and low precision. Below are the causes and solutions of these problems for the users reference when maintenance it.ProblemCausesSolutionsLeakLeak oil in the valve rod or dial platevalve rodChange a new onePauseThe pointer does not work,1. There is dirt in the gear unit or the gear unit has been worn severely. 2. There is dirt in the impeller chamber. 3. The gear wheel spring is too loose to make the pointer work.  4. The strainer has been blocked. 5. The magnet has been fallen off.1. Clean the dirt or change a new gear unit. 2. Clean the dirt. 3. Repair the spring or change a new one. 4. Clean the strainer. 5. Retighten the magnet.The pointer stop-and-goThere are clutters or frictions between the cam and dial plate or between the cam the top plate.Clean the dirt in the gap.Low precisionFast1. The regulation hole has been blocked. 2. The regulation device has not been adjusted properly.1. Clean the dirt 2. ReadjustmentSlow1. The regulation device has not been adjusted properly. 2. The bearing copper set has been worn and the impeller swings too much. 3. The gear has been worn severely.1. Readjustment 2. Change the copper set. 3. Change a now one.Spiral Metering Oil Gun’s Parameters


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