FY Series Submerged Pump

Product Name: FY Submerged PumpProduct Category:Submerged Pump1.Product overview :FY Submerged Pump is based on the traditional anti-corrosive submerged pump,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, integrating the advanced technology of similar products of Sulzer Brothers Ltd, improving the design and producing new type of pump; This pump gives up the mechanical seal like other submerged pump used, adopting the unique structure of the impeller, high efficiency and energy saving, no leakage, pump life skills, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other industries.2.Product Feature1. It is vertical submerged pump,with good shape, directly installed on the reservoir medium to be delivered. It reduces the infrastructure investment, no additional area.2.It gives up the mechanical seal, solving regularly maintenance trouble of other submerged pumps easily worn-out due to mechanical seal, saving the running cost of the pump, improving the working efficiency.3. It adopts a unique centrifugal double balance impeller, transporting clean medium without solid particles,, low noise and vibration, high efficiency; Adopting open double balanced impeller for conveying unclean liquid containing solid particles and short fiber, operating steadily without plug.3.Type explanation:FY submerged pump(installation dimension)FY submerged pump(installation dimension):FY submerged pump(performance parameter)TypeOutlet diameter(mm)Flow QHead(m)Rotate speed(r/min)Power(KW)(m3/h)(L/s)Shaft powerMotor power KW25FY-16253.611629000.7131.525FY-16A253.270.911329000.7131.525FY-25253.612529001.162.225FY-25A253.270.912029001.162.225FY-41253.614129002.51425FY-41A253.270.913329002.51340FY-16327.221629000.782.240FY-16A326.551.821329000.781.540FY-26327.222629001.45340FY-26A326.551.822129001.45340FY-40327.224029002.535.540FY-40A326.551.823229002.535.550FY-164014.441629001.18350FY-16A4013.13.641329001.18350FY-254014.442529001.96450FY-25A4013.13.642029001.96350FY-404014.444029003.737.550FY-40A4013.13.613329003.735.565FY-165028.881629002.16465FY-16A5026.27.281329002.16365FY-255028.882529003.565.565FY-25A5026.27.282129003.565.565FY-405028.884029006.041165FY-40A5026.27.283329006.041180FY-156554151529003.347.580FY-15A6549.113.651229003.347.580FY-246554152429005.431180FY-24A6549.113.652029005.431180FY-386554153829009.6418.580FY-38A6549.113.653129009.6415100FY-2380100.8282329009.2518.5100FY-23A8091.825.51829009.2515100FY-3780100.82837290014.7322100FY-37A8091.825.531290014.7322


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