FSY Model And WSY Model Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Submerged Pump

FSY and WSY Model Vertical Fiberglass Reinforcement Plastics Submerged PumpProduct name: FSY model,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, WSY model vertical fiberglass reinforcement plastics submerged pumpProduct classification:Fiberglass reinforcement plastics pumpⅠ.Product Introduction:WSY and FSY are two model pumps manufactured by this unit. 1. WSY model is vertical fiberglass reinforcement submerged peripheral pump. 2. FSY model is vertical fiberglass reinforcement submerged centrifugal pump. This pump needs to dive into the tank and the depth of storage tank is different, so the designed submerging depth is from 800mm to 3000mm for customers' choices. If only the liquid level is higher than the pump body, the pump can start pumping liquid without liquid perfusion; and there are leakage holes under the flat deck, so the liquid will not come out from the storage tank. The pump parts contacting with medium are phenolic glass fiber reinforcement plastics workpieces shaped by high-temperature from phenol glass fiber which are modified from polyvinyl butyral. Connecting pipe and outlet pipe are phenolic glass fiber reinforcement plastics pipes finished through semidry rolling method. The impeller bushing is assembled with pump spindle as a whole unit by phenolic mastic and all the parts under liquid are all assembled by phenolic mastic. No metal part under liquid contact with medium, so the corrosion resistanceis totally reliable and the product has advantages like light weight, high strength, no deformation, temperature resistance and corrosion resistanceand can replace molybdenum stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloy and other precious metals. The direction of pump transmission and rotation: the pump is directly driven by the motor through claw couplings. Looking from the motor end, the pump rotates in clockwise direction.  Ⅱ.Main Application:This pump is widely used in many industries like chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, coloring, pesticides,pharmacy,rare earth, chemical fertilizer, etc. And it is the most ideal equipment for the transportation of many corrosive medium like inoxidable acid ( hydrochloric acid,dilute sulphuric acid, formic acid, ethylic acid, ethyl acetic acid) which do not contain suspended solid particles, is not easy for crystalization and with temperature not higher than 100℃. Ⅲ.Model Meaning:FSY and WSY Model Vertical Glass Fiber Reinforcement Plastics Submerged Pump(Installation Dimension)No.NameQuantityMaterialNo.NameQuantityMaterial1Imported shower heads1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics2Impeller cap1A3 moulded glass fiber reinforcement plastics3Lower shaft sleeve1M106K graphite4Lower shaft bushing1M205K graphite5Lower pump casing1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics6Pump casing gasket1Fluororubber7Impeller1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics8Upper pump body1Combined part of glass fiber reinforcement plastics9Upper shaft bushing1M205K graphite10Upper shaft sleeve1M106K graphite11Pump spindle145# steel with outsourcing glass fiber reinforcement plastics12Sealing filler1Braided asbestos square packing13Sealing cover1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics14Base( plate cover)1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics15Bearing lower flap1HT 20-4016Oil sealing1Oil resistant rubber177207 conical roller bearing1Ball bearing steel18M10X35 Hexagon bolts2A319A10 gasket18A320Shaft block1HT 20-40217207 conical roller bearing1Ball bearing steel22Upper bearing  flap1HT 20-4023Spacer sleeve1HT 20-40244# pump coupling1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics254# elastic block1rubber264# motor coupling1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics27Motor bedplate1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics28B5 type motor12.2 KW-4KW29M10X50 Hexagon bolts4A330M10 Hexagon bolts8A331M22x1.5 round nut245 # steel32M6X25 Hexagon bolts1235 # steel33A6 gasket12A334M10X70Hexagon bolts4A335M10 anti-corrosion nut18A3 moulded glass fiber reinforcement plastics36M10 anti-corrosion gasket18Polytef37M10X90 double end bolt6A3No.NameQuantityMaterialNo.NameQuantityMaterial1Imported shower heads1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics2Impeller cap1A3 moulded glass fiber reinforcement plastics3Impeller spacer1Polytef4Lower shaft sleeve1c5Lower pump bushing1M205K graphite6Gasket1Polytef7Lower pump casing1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics8Pump casing gasket1Fluororubber9Impeller1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics10Upper pump body1Combined parts of glass fiber reinforcement plastics11Upper shaft sleeve1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics12Upper shaft bushing1M205K graphite13Pump shaft145# steel with outsourcing glass fiber reinforcement plastics14Sealing base1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics15Sealing filler110X10 graphite16Gland1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics17Base( plate cover)1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics18Elbow pads1Fluororubber19Glass fiber reinforcement plastics elbows1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics20Bearing lower flap1HT 20-4021SG45X65X12 oil sealing1Oil resistant rubber227208 bearing1Ball bearing steel23Middle base1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics24Motor base1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics25Bearing pedestal1HT20-40267207 bearing1Ball bearing steel27Upper bearing cover1HT20-4028Spacer sleeve1HT20-40292# pump coupling1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics302# elastic block1Rubber312# motor coupling1Glass fiber reinforcement plastics32B5 type motor4KW-15KW33M12X 65 Hexagon bolts10A334M12 Hexagon nuts18A3FSY and WSY Model Vertical Glass Fiber Reinforcement Plastics Submerged Pumps(Specifications)ModelFlowQPump lift H(m)Revolving speed n(r/min)Power N(Kw)Impeller diameter D(mm)Suction lift(Hs)(m3/h)(L/S)25WSY-22Type a2.884.056.480.801.121.8022181529002.2120800to 300025WSY-302.886.489.000.801.802.523020152900312040WSY-2585.768.1013.321.602.243.702520152900414240FSY-228.1015.8420. b6.488.6414.401.802.404.0050453529007.514440FSY-351020302.85.58.33430242900416250FSY*353045558.312.515.135322829007.518250FSY-35A2535457.09.712.526252229005.516850FSY-201830355.08.39.72016122900415080FSY-35569211015.525.530.535292529001518480FSY-35A45699012.519.225.0262219290011163


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