QY-type Oil-filled Submersible Motor-driven Pump

Product name: QY-type oil-filled submersible pumpProduct Categories:Submersible pumpsFirst: Product descriptionQY-type oil-filled submersible pump (submersible pump for short) is a three-phase asynchronous motor pumps and synthesis of one of the power irrigation and drainage equipment. It has a reliable sealing performance,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, with small size, light weight, no pumping stations, no irrigation water, and maintenance and management are easy to use.Second: Operating Conditions·Submersible pumps submerged depth of no more than 5m:·Water temperature does not exceed 40 ℃:·The amount of water or sand volume containing water-insoluble solids ratio does not exceed 0.1%, particle size not greater than 0.2mm:·Non-corrosive, water PH value of 6.5-8;Same as general room temperature water: well water, river water, lake water. Third: Applications1、Farmland garden irrigation, irrigation, sprinkler irrigation;2、Underground water pumping, water tower water supply;3、Flood control and drainage;4、Bilge drainage;5、Construction, mining drainage.Fourth: Model significanceQY-type oil-filled submersible pump product parameters


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