SPB Glass Molten Jet Pump

Production name: SPB glass molten jet pumpProduction Categories: hydraulic jetI. Production description:The glass fiber reinforced plastic injector is equipped with the corresponding centrifugal water pump which can be evacuated.Injector can be installed on the ground without high-mounted. Injector has advantages of easy installation,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, no maintenance and cheap advantage. In addition to the injector molded fiberglass with anti-corrosion characteristics of the outer injector,it also has a smooth and solid molded density inside and outside surface, durable higher corrosion resistance, which can be compared with the advantages of stainless steel.II. Performance parameters:TypeFlow ConditionsUltimate vacuumThe maximum amount of exhaustFlowPressureSupporting the centrifugal pumpSPB50-120>25m3/h0.3MPaS65×50-32≥720mmHg120m3/hSPB50-72>25m3/h0.3MPaS65×50-32≥720mmHg72m3/hIII. Dimensions and installation dimensionsTypeD1d1N1-φ1D2d2N2-φ2D3d3N3-φ3LHSPB50-1201601254-181601254-181951604-181151290SPB50-721601254-181601254-181601254-18115350IV. Water jet pump installation and precautions1. The cold water from the pump to the water jet vacuum pump gets into the pipeline. The pipe length shall be minimized and the elbow shall be reduced to reduce the pressure.2. Vertical drainage requirements without elbow.3. Each interface shall be tight without leakage.4. During installation,the user shall prepare a piece of steel pipeline with the length of over 1m according to diffuser outlet pipe diameter gate which is taken as the tail pipeline, which shall not be extended into theshallow ring basin.5. Fault: the reason that the degree of vacuum cannot reach: The leakage in pipe connections installation,nozzle clogging, inadequate flow pressure pumps and vacuum gauge failure.


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