WQK And QG Submersible Sewage Pump With Cutting Device

Product name: WQK / QG submerged sewage pump with cutting deviceProduct category: sewage pumpI. OverviewWQK / QG submerged sewage pump with cutting device has good throughout capacity in pollution discharging and good cutting property. It can cut and discharge impurities in sewage,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, such as long fibers, plastics, paper, tape, cloth, straw and rope. The most advanced method and the most reasonable hydraulic characteristics design allow the pump to run in full head. The best combination of excellent dry motor and pump allows the total pump efficiency to reach the same standard with West Germany abs company's cutting device series of product. The pump uses high-quality carbide, double mechanical seal and face parts with framework oil seal group. It shall not exceed 1/2 of motor height and temperature of pumped sewage does not exceed 40℃.WQX series sewage submerged sewage pump is mainly used for discharge living waste water, sewage, human waste and suspended solids and non-corrosive medium containing short fiber paper, sawdust, starch, sediment and ore particles. The temperature of pumped liquid does not exceed 40 ℃, the density is not greater than 1200kg / m3, and the ph value is ~ 9. The electric pump uses double mechanical seal and rotating impeller. The impeller is made of stainless steel, having the features of wear-resistant, non-blocking, non- wound, small size and compact structure, and is easy to carry.II. Application Scope:WQK/QG sewage pump with cutting device is mainly used in engineering and living sewage.Such as: (1) It is used in construction sites, engineering foundation construction, municipal facilities and waterworks.(2) Sewage discharge for basements of a variety of high-rise buildings, air defense potholes and subway basement.(3) Sewage treatment and recycled water delivery in small and medium enterprises.(4) Residue liquid pumping in fields of food, paper, brewing, steel and non-ferrous metals, leather, textile, pharmaceutical, cement plants and other industrial enterprises.(5) Manure pumping in chicken farms, pig farms, various aquacultures, fish pond for pond cleaning and oxygen enrichment and septic tanks.NOTE: wqk's main performance and data are the same with wqk/qg type in its internal structure, except for the fact that it does not have cutting device.IIII. Meaning of ModelsIV. Notice in Use(1) Before using the pump, you must first check whether the cable is damaged. Don't pull or damage the cable to avoid damaging the cable and cause leakage accident when moving and installing pump. The cable should be replaced immediately if its is broken. Use mega meter and check to see if the insulation resistance of pump is normal (insulation resistance shall not be less than 1 megohm)(2) Recognize the ground wire (ground wire is usually yellow, green color, or connected with the earth symbol) and properly connect ground wire according to prescribed procedures. (The factory has equipped the cable with a ground wire mark).(3) Choose appropriate protector (such as leakage protector, air switch, phase overcurrent protector, etc.). Do not directly connect with the knife switch.(4) Connect the power cord according to standard, give a try to connect the power, check to see if the pump is running properly, and determine whether the rotating direction is correct. If not, exchange any two pairs out of three power lines and connect them (note that the operation time shall not be longer than half a minute).(5) Install water connectors and water hose (or iron pipe), tie knot in pump handle (DO NOT use cable to replace the role of rope), put electric pump into pumped liquid and turn on the power.(6) In order to ensure personal safety, it is strictly prohibited to conduct water operations (such as moving or checking and troubleshooting) near the electric pump or touch the pump when the pump is running, so as to avoid electric leakage and accident!(7) Do not disclose the pump out of water during long-term running (or short-time running). "Start" or "Stop" of pump should not be too frequent to prevent damage to motor resulting from overheating.(8) Long-term pumping of liquids containing high sand content will greatly wear the flow part of WQK / QG sewage pump with cutting device. It is recommended to use swirling sewage submerged pumps of our factory.(9) If anomalies, such as no-rotation, protector tripping or burnout, are found when WQK / QG sewage pump with cutting device is running, you should immediately turn off the power and check to see if there is problem in wiring and other power protection.If these external devices are normal, then it might be a pump failure. In such case, the pump should not be used continuously in order to avoid accidents!WQK / QG Submerged Sewage Pump with Cutting DeviceModelPerformanceMotor Power(Kw)Rotating Speed(r/min)Voltage(V)Diameter(mm)Q(m3/h)Head(m)WQK8-12328120.752900380WQK20-7502070.752900380WQK10-124010121.12900380WQK8-22258221.12900380WQK20-155020151.52900380WQK15-304015302.22900380WQK20-205020202.22900380WQK25-156525152.22900380WQK40-7804072.21450380WQK30-1580301532900380WQK25-3065253042900380WQK40-1580401541450380WQK85-10100851041450380WQK65-258065257.52900380WQK80-208080207.51450380WQK100-15100100157.51450380WQK100-2510010025111450380WQK115-1512511515151450380WQK180-1515018015151450380


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