FPZ Series Corrosion Resistant Resistant Self-priming Centrifugal Pump

Product Name:FPZ Series Corrosion Resistant Self-priming Centrifugal PumpProduct Name:Chemical Pumpi. FPZ Self-priming Pump Product Description:FPZ Self-priming Pump uses enhance Polypropylene (CFR-PP) and it is one-time success injection molding. It has high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistant performance. The structure of self-priming pump is unique and scientific. There are suction chamber,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, fluid reservoir, non-return valve, gas-liquid separation chamber and reflowing valve in the pump chamber. This kind of pump only needs one-time priming at the very beginning when boot it. And also when it works, the inside fluid can be intermittent, it can work properly within 12 minutes after the medium suction break off. The pump is mechanical sealed hence no need to add cooling water. It's the best product to replace submerged pump as it is ease of operation, safe and leak-tightness.CFR-PP material:non-poisonous, pollution-free, general acid alkali and salt resistance, operation temperature 14℃~80℃.ii. FPZ Self-priming Pump Model Implication:iii. Specialization:ModelInlet× Outlet(mm)Flow Q(m3/h)Lift H(m)Rotating Speed n(r/min)Suction Height(m)Motor Power(kw)25FPZ-10(D)25×202.510284050.5532FPZ-11(D)32×253.411284050.7540FPZ-1840×321118284051.550FPZ-2050×401320284052.265FPZ-2565×50262528405480FPZ-3280×655032284057.5100FPZ-40100×80100202840511


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