ZS Stainless Steel Horizontal Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump

Product name: ZS stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pumpProduct category: pipeline centrifugal pumpI. Product Overview ZS stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is manufactured by adopting advanced technology of stainless steel plate stamping,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, bulging and welding. It is the first new centrifugal pump in China and can replace the traditional IS pump and general corrosion resistant pump. It has the features of beautiful shape, light structure, high efficiency and energy-saving, durability and light corrosion resistance and low noise.II. Product Uses:ZS stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is a multi-functional product applicable in a wide range. It can transport all kinds of different media, including water or industrial liquids in different temperature, flow and pressure range. Typical applications include the following aspects:Water supply: water filtration, water supply, sub-zone water supply and main pipe pressurization;Industrial pressurization: process water system and cleaning system;Industrial liquid conveying: boiler feed water, condensate system, cooling and air conditioning system, machine matching and acid-base transport;Water treatment: distillation system or separator, swimming pool, etc.;Irrigation, petrochemical, medical and health.III. Installation Conditions:ZS stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is direct-coupled by shaft and pump, and is made of pump, pump shaft and standard motor:1) The pump should be installed in ventilating and anti-freeze places;2) Installation shall ensure that the pump will not be affected by tension of piping system when using;3) If the pump is installed outdoors, you must configure the appropriate cover to prevent electrical components water or condensation;4) In order to facilitate the checkup and maintenance, sufficient space shall be kept around the unit;5) You shall ensure that the electrical wiring devices will not be damaged from lack of phase, voltage instability, leakage and overload;6) The pump should be horizontally mounted on the base. The horizontal direction is suction port of pump, and the vertical direction is outlet of pump.IV. Operating Conditions:Non-flammable medium which is dilute and clean, and does not contain solid particles or fibers;Liquid with the temperature of between -20℃ to +100℃;Maximum environmental temperature can only increase for 40 ℃;The highest elevation is 1000 m;The maximum system pressure is 10bar.V. Motor:Motor is fully enclosed and air-cooled standard Class-two motorProtection level: IP55Insulation level: FStandard voltage: 50Hz1 × 220-240V3 × 380VVI. Meaning of Models: Installation SizeStructure DrawingPerformance ParametersModelHead (m)Q (m3/h)Motor Power (KW)Rotating Speed (r/min)ZS50-32-160/1.1186.31.12900ZS50-32-160/1.52012.51.52900ZS50-32-160/2.22512.52.22900ZS50-32-200/3.03212.53.02900ZS50-32-200/4.04212.54.02900ZS50-32-200/5.55412.55.52900ZS65-40-125/1.513251.52900ZS65-40-125/2.218252.22900ZS65-40-125/3.024253.02900ZS65-40-160/4.028254.02900ZS65-40-200/5.536255.52900ZS65-40-200/7.546257.52900ZS65-40-200/11.0622511.02950ZS65-50-125/3.013503.02900ZS65-50-125/4.018504.02900ZS65-50-160/5.525505.52900ZS65-50-200/7.532507.52900ZS65-50-200/9.240509.22900ZS65-50-200/11.0485011.02950ZS65-50-200/15.0585015.02950ZS65-50-200/18.5685018.52950Curve Graph for Performance


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