Alloy Steel TubeSheet

We are leading manufacturer and stockist of Alloy Steel TubeSheet in China.Alloy Steel TubeSheet Basic Info.Alloy Steel TubeSheet Trademark:PESCOAlloy Steel TubeSheet Packing:Wooden or Steel Frame Crate PackingAlloy Steel TubeSheet Standard:CEAlloy Steel TubeSheet Origin:HEBEI,Website:,CHINAAlloy Steel TubeSheet HS Code:722840000Alloy Steel TubeSheet Production Capacity:5000 Tons/YearAlloy Steel TubeSheet Product DescriptionModel NO.:Alloy Steel TubeSheet Die Casting Machine Type:Cold Chamber Die Casting MachineDie Casting Method:Soluble Die CastingAlloy Steel TubeSheet Machining:CNC MachiningAlloy Steel TubeSheet Material:Copper AlloyAlloy Steel TubeSheet Surface Preparation:GrindAlloy Steel TubeSheet Pressure Chamber Structure:VerticalAlloy Steel TubeSheet Tolerance Grade:8Alloy Steel TubeSheet Casting Surface Quality Level:3Alloy Steel TubeSheet Certification:SGS, API, TUVAlloy Steel TubeSheet Export Markets:GlobalAlloy Steel TubeSheet applications:Tube sheet is widely used in shell and tube heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, steam turbine, large central air conditioning, etc. The customized high precision tube sheet is mainly used for chemical containers, such as shell and tube heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, condenser, central air conditioning, evaporator, water desalination. Alloy Steel TubeSheet advantages:The material of metal makes it not only has the very strong rigidity, and has a great deal of heat conduction performance.Feature of Alloy Steel TubeSheet: High gloss, good tube hole surface quality, high precisiveMaterial of Alloy Steel TubeSheett: copper,stainless steel,titanium,aluminium,carbon steel,brass.,etcProduction of Alloy Steel TubeSheett:OEM,ODM availableQuliaty of our Alloy Steel TubeSheet: PrimePrice of our Alloy Steel TubeSheet: NegotiablePacking of Alloy Steel TubeSheet:wooden box, wooden pallet, solid package suitable for ocean and air transportation.Delivery: 7-30daysApplication of Alloy Steel TubeSheet: heat exchanger,boiler, pressure vessel,steam burbine,air conditioning.,etcFunction of Alloy Steel TubeSheet: support and fix the tube and shell, heat conductive, corrosive resistant,high pressureAlloy Steel TubeSheet Specification (for your reference, not limited)ProductTube SheetTube plate,tube disk,clad tube sheet,tube sheet plateAlloy Steel TubeSheetQuality standardProduced strictly according to national standard and customer's drawing.Alloy Steel TubeSheetMaterialAlloy steel,carbon steel, copper alloy steelAlloy Steel TubeSheetRangeAlloy Steel TubeSheet Diameter350mm~2000mmAlloy Steel TubeSheet Thickness45mm~650mmAlloy Steel TubeSheet Weight200kg~6000kgAlloy Steel TubeSheet Connection typeweldingFeatures of our Alloy Steel TubeSheetHigh pressure resistant,high temperature resistant, corrosive resistant, acid and alkali resistant,long service life, sofisticated technology surface treatment , well-formed, good performances.Reasonable price, solid package, excellent after-sale service.Production technologyHigh precision CNC lathe cutting machine, drilling machine, argon-arc weldingAlloy Steel TubeSheet Nominal pressureVarious kinds of pressure standardGB, ANSI, JIS,API, DIN,BS.,etcAlloy Steel TubeSheet MaterialVarious kinds of material cutting and processingAlloy Steel TubeSheet ApplicationWidely used for pipe,heat exchanger,boiler,pressure vesselsAlloy Steel TubeSheet PackingWooden box ,wooden pallet or as requestAlloy Steel TubeSheet PriceNegotiableThe following Alloy Steel TubeSheet items are what we could manufacture and supply.ASTM A182 F5 Alloy Steel Tube Sheets, TEMA 2006, OD 1230mm, Wall Thickness 100mm, 2134 Holes.High Pressure Alloy Steel TubeSheetstainless Alloy Steel TubeSheetsuper duplex Alloy Steel TubeSheetspecial Alloy Steel TubeSheetCopper Alloys Steel TubeSheetCopper Alloy Steel TubeSheetTitanium Alloy Steel TubeSheetTitanium Alloy Steel TubeSheetAluminum Alloy Steel TubeSheetAluminum Alloy Steel TubeSheettungsten Alloy Steel TubeSheettungsten Alloy Steel TubeSheetmolybdenum Alloy Steel TubeSheetmolybdenum Alloy Steel TubeSheetlow temprature Alloy Steel TubeSheetButtweld Alloy Steel TubeSheethigh temprature Alloy Steel TubeSheetMagnesium Alloy Alloy Steel TubeSheetIncoloy Alloy Steel TubeSheetInconel Alloy Steel TubeSheetMonel Alloy Steel TubeSheetHastelloy Alloy Steel TubeSheetNimonic Alloy Steel TubeSheetHaynes Alloy Steel TubeSheetRene alloy Alloy Steel TubeSheetNickel Alloy Steel TubeSheetChrome Alloy Steel TubeSheetChrome alloy Alloy Steel TubeSheetCASTING Alloy Steel TubeSheetduplex Alloy Steel TubeSheetSYNTHETIC METALS Alloy Steel TubeSheetNonferros-metal Alloy Steel TubeSheethigher steel grade Alloy Steel TubeSheetharsh application environment Alloy Steel TubeSheetnon standard shape Alloy Steel TubeSheetONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICESSUPERIOR QUALITYPROMPT DELIVERYFAVORABLE FEEDBACKALL AVAILABLE IN PESCOSELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of Alloy Steel TubeSheet, please send us enquiry and you will have quick reply soon. 


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