JIS G3454 Steel Pipes

We are leading manufacturer and stockist of JIS G3454 steel pipes in China.JIS G3454 steel pipes for Machine Structural Purposes JIS G3454 steel pipes Chemical Composition      GradeDesignationChemical composition %CSiMnPSNb or VGrade 11ASTKM 11A0.120.350.600.0400.040-Grade 12ASTKM 12A0.200.350.600.0400.040-BSTKM 12BCSTKM 12CGrade 13ASTKM 13A0.250.350.30~ 0.900.0400.040-BSTKM 13BCSTKM 13CGrade 14ASTKM 14A0.300.350.30~ 1.000.0400.040-BSTKM 14BCSTKM 14CGrade 15ASTKM 15A0.25~ 0.350.350.30~ 1.000.0400.040-CSTKM 15BGrade 18ASTKM 18A0.180.551.500.0400.040-BSTKM 18BCSTKM 18CGrade 19ASTKM 19A0.250.551.500.0400.040-CSTKM 19CGrade 20ASTKM 20A0.250.551.600.0400.0401.50JIS G3454 steel pipes Mechanical Property      GradeDesignationChemical      composition %Flattening      testBending      testTensile      Strength kgf/mm2 (N/mm2)Yield point      or proof stress kgf/mm2 (N/mm2)Elongation      (%)Distance      between flat parts (D:Outside      diameter)Bend      angleInside      radius (D:Outside diameter)No.11      specimenGrade 11ASTKM 11A30      (294)—351/2 D180°4 DGrade 12ASTKM 12A35      (343)18      (177)352/3 D90°6 DBSTKM 12B40      (392)28      (275)252/3 D90°6 DCSTKM 12C48      (471)36      (353)20———Grade 13ASTKM 13A38      (373)22      (216)302/3 D90°6 DBSTKM 13B45      (441)31      (304)203/4 D90°6 DCSTKM 13C52      (510)39      (382)15———Grade 14ASTKM 14A42      (412)25      (245)253/4 D90°6 DBSTKM 14B51      (500)36      (353)157/8 D90°8 DCSTKM 14C56      (549)42      (412)15———Grade 15ASTKM 15A48      (471)28      (275)223/4 D90°6 DCSTKM 15B59      (579)44      (431)12———Grade 18ASTKM 18A45      (441)28      (275)257/8 D90°6 DBSTKM 18B50      (490)32      (314)237/8 D90?8 DCSTKM 18C52      (510)39      (382)15———Grade 19ASTKM 19A50      (490)32      (314)237/8 D90°6 DCSTKM 19C56      (549)42      (412)15———Grade 20ASTKM 20A55      (539)40      (392)237/8 D90°6      DJIS G3454 steel pipes tolerances on outside diameter      DivisionTolerances on outside diameterNo. 1Under 50 mm0.5 mm50 mm±1%No. 2Under 50 mm±0.25 mm50 mm±0.5%No. 3Under 25 mm±0.12 mm25 mmD<40 mm±0.15%40 mmD<50 mm±0.18%JIS G3454 steel pipes tolerances on Wall Thickness      DivisionTolerances on outside diameterNo. 1Under 4 mm+0.6 mm-0.5 mm4 mm+15%-12.5%No. 2Under 3 mm±0.3 mm3 mm±10%No. 3Under 2 mm±0.15 mm2 mm±8%The type of JIS G3454 steel pipes  JIS G3445 STKM 11A steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 12A steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 12B steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 12C steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 13A steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 13B steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 13C steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 14A steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 14B steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 14C steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 15A steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 15B steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 18A steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 18B steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 18C steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 19A steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 19C steel tubes  JIS G3445 STKM 20A steel tubes  The types of EN10216-2 steel pipes  JIS G 3454:1988 Carbon steel pipes for pressure service  JIS G 3455:1988 Carbon steel pipes for high pressure service  JIS G 3456:2004 Carbon steel pipes for high temperature service  JIS G 3457:1988 Arc welded carbon steel pipesONE OF THE KIND,Website:http://www.petrosteels.com, MILLIONS OF CHOICES  SUPERIOR QUALITY  PROMPT DELIVERY  FAVORABLE FEEDBACK  ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO  SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of JIS G3454 steel pipes, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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