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We are leading manufacturer and stockist of fitting caps in China.fitting caps Materials Used:As a large variety of materials are used for making pipe caps,Website:, the buyer should always take care of the material of the fitting before going for pipe caps. Some of the common materials used include:AluminumNylon or polyamidePolyethylenePolypropyleneStainless steelVinylSilicone rubber etc.Common Shapes of fitting caps:fitting caps are available in various shapes. Having an intense knowledge about the shape of pipe cap would be beneficial for the buyer. Some of the common shapes of pipe caps are:Shapes of fitting capsRound fitting capsSquare fitting capsRectangular fitting caps"U" Shape fitting caps "I" Shape fitting capsHex fitting capsetc.Features of fitting caps:fitting caps are several important specifications that the buyer should consider before making bulk purchase of pipe caps. The important specifications that needs to be considered are:NPT (National Pipe Thread ) size: This feature is applicable for round shaped caps, wherein the object that has to be protected has a male NPT thread.BSP (British Standard Pipe) size: This size option is applicable only for round shaped caps, wherein the object to be capped has a male BSP thread.Diameter: Diameter is an important dimension that is applicable only for round caps and plugs. In case of fittings having straight threads, the most important feature to be considered is the major thread diameter. However, this dimension is not an important consideration when cap, plug or object to be capped has a tapered (NPT or BSP) thread.fitting caps Shape: The dimension and shape of pipe caps are also very important points to consider. Pipe caps of different shapes have different features. Some features are:Round fitting caps: Popular features of round caps are: flange, slotted head, knurled or faceted head, retaining head, and tear tab. A flange is meant for easy removal or additional protection of pipe or tube surfaces. Flanges also help to prevent accidental pushing away of the plug through the opening. Slotted caps can be easily installed or removed with the help of a screwdriver. Knurled or faceted heads are usually designed for threaded caps and plugs only. Knurls or facets offer hassle free installation and removal. Pipe caps provided with a tear-tab or strip are easy to remove.Square or Rectangular fitting caps: For square or rectangular caps, length and width are the most important dimensions to consider. For rectangular caps, the width is the smaller cross sectional dimension, whereas for square caps, the length and breadth are the same dimension.Types of fitting caps:Pipe caps come in many different types and the type vary according to the application. However pipe caps also vary depending on their construction features and it is very important for the buyer to know the right type of pipe cap. Based on construction, pipe caps are of the following types:Threaded fitting caps:These caps are female threaded. The thread can be either straight or tapered, also referred as NPT. Generally, caps have a female thread and plugs have a male thread.Tapered fitting caps:These caps have tapered sides, which offers a close fit. Some of these fittings can be used either as a cap or a plug. Tapered caps and plugs are multi-functional and go well with male and female NPT threads, straight tubes and bars; and male straight threads. These fittings have a tapered body to provide a secure and firm friction fit while facilitating easy removal. The tapered caps are designed to provide protection for all internal and external, threaded and non-threaded fittings against damage, dirt or moisture that can occur.Anti-roll fitting caps Caps:These caps are round in shape with a slightly square end. This prevents pipes and tubes from rolling.The following fitting caps items are what we can manufacture and supply.Threaded NPT Cap, Size DN20 (3/4 Inch), PN400 (3000#), ASTM A350 LF2 and NPT ThreadCarbon Steel Pipe Cap, ASTM A234 WPB, ANSI B16.9, Size 26 Inch and Beveled EndsASTM A234 WPB Pipe Caps, Size 12 Inch (DN300), SCH 40 Wall Thickness, Butt Welded EndsASTM A403 WP304L Caps, Stainless Steel Caps, ASME B16.9, SCH 160, 18 Inch, Seamless, Butt WeldingASTM A234 WPB Caps, Seamless, Wall Thickness Schedule 60, Model Size 14 Inch, Butt Welded EndsASTM A403 WP316L Cap, Seamless, ANSI B16.9, Butt Welded, Size 18 Inch, WT 0.562 InchANSI B16.9 Caps, ASTM A234 WP11, Size 4 Inch, THK Schedule 80, Butt Weld ConnectedGalvanized, Seamless End Cap, made of ASTM A234 WPB, featured with ASME B16.9 standard, Sch40 Wall ThicknessASTM A403 WP304L, WP316L seamless stainless steel caps, butt weld end, ANSI B16.9, 1/2 - 30 inchesSeamless ANSI B16.9 butt weld ASTM A234 Gr. WPB Pipe Caps, SCH. STD, 30 inches for industriesANSI, ISO, JIS, DIN standsard Steel Caps, Steel Pipe Caps, Steel End Caps with SCH5 to SCH160 ThicknessANSI, ISO, JIS, DIN standsard Carbon Steel End Caps, Carbon Steel Pipe Caps with 1/2 to 56 inches Sizestainless capsstainless caps316 hex capsthread hex capshex capsthread capsforging capscarbon capsHigh Pressure fitting capsstainless fitting capssuper duplex fitting capsspecial fitting capsCopper Alloys fitting capsCopper fitting capsTitanium alloy fitting capsTitanium alloy fitting capsAluminum alloy fitting capsAluminum fitting capstungsten alloy fitting capstungsten fitting capsmolybdenum alloy fitting capsmolybdenum fitting capslow temprature fitting capsButtweld fitting capshigh temprature fitting capsMagnesium Alloy fitting capsIncoloy fitting capsInconel fitting capsMonel fitting capsHastelloy fitting capsNimonic fitting capsHaynes fitting capsRene alloy fitting capsNickel fitting capsChrome fitting capsChrome alloy fitting capsalloy fitting capsCASTING fitting capsduplex fitting capsONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICESSUPERIOR QUALITYPROMPT DELIVERYFAVORABLE FEEDBACKALL AVAILABLE IN PESCOSELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of fitting caps, please send us enquiry and you will have quick reply soon. 


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