Alloy 725

We are leading manufacturer and stockist of Inconel 725 in China.Inconel 725 Technical Data SheetInconel 725 Chemical Composition LimitsWeight%NiCrMoNbTiAlCMnSiPSFeAlloy 72555.0-59.019.0 -22.57.0-9.52.75-4.01.0-1.70.35 max0.03 max0.35 max0.20 max0.015 max0.010 maxRemInconel 725 (UNS N07725) is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-niobium alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and has been age hardened for extremely high strength twice that of annealed alloy 625. Inconel 725 strength is developed by heat treatment rather than by cold work this also enables strength to be imparted to large non-uniform sections that cannot be strengthened by cold works. Inconel 725 is used for hangers,Website:, landing nipples and high strength fasteners in marine applications.Inconel 725 Mechanical PropertiesMaterialForm and ConditionYield Strength (0.2% Offset)Tensile StrengthElongation %Hardness, RcksiMPaksiMPaAlloy 725 roundAnnealed62.0427124.0855575Alloy 725 roundAge Hardened133.0917180.012413036Transverse Specimens from hot-finished rounds of 4.0 to 7.5 in (102 to 190mm) diameterInconel 725 Specifications  Bar and Wire ASTM B 805, ASME Code Case 2217  Bar and Forging Stock SMC Specification HA91, ASME Code Case 2217  UNS N07725  FMC Spec M40504  NACE MR-0175/ ISO 15156  Inconel 725 (trademark)  Alloy Nickel Alloy 706 Inconel 706  Alloy Nickel Alloy 718 Inconel 718  Alloy 722  Inconel 722  UNS N07722  AMS 5541 Sheet and Strip  AMS 5714 Bar and Forgings  UNS N07718  Werkstoff Nr 2.4668  AMS 5596 Sheet, Strip and Plate  AMS 5597 Sheet, Strip and Plate  AMS 5589 Seamless Tube  AMS 5590 Seamless Tube  AMS 5662 Bars, Forgings and Rings  AMS 5663 Bars, Forgings and Rings  AMS 5664 Bars, Forgings and Rings  AMS 5832 Welding Wire  ASTM B637 Forgings  ASTM B670 Plate, Sheet and Strip  AFNOR NC 19 Fe Nb,  MSRR 7115 and MSRR 7116  Inconel 718 (trademark)  FMC Spec M40110, M40118, M40125, M40902, M40908, M40909, M40910  NACE MR-0175/ISO 15156  UNS N09706  AMS 5701  AMS 5702  AMS 5703  Inconel 706 (tradename)The Inconel 725 items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  Inconel 725 Rod  3D printing spherical powder Inconel 725  Inconel 725 Rings  Inconel 725 Forgings  Inconel 725 pipe  Inconel 725 tube  Inconel 725 bars  Inconel 725 plates  Inconel 725 sheets  Inconel 725 Strip  Inconel 725 wire  Inconel 725 fitting Union  Inconel 725 Pipe Elbows  Inconel 725 PIPE Tee  Inconel 725 ADAPTERS  Inconel 725 pipe bend  Inconel 725 reducers  Inconel 725 fitting caps  Inconel 725 pipe outlets  Inconel 725 Stub Ends  Inconel 725 Couplings  Inconel 725 pipe Nipples  Inconel 725 BUSHINGS  Inconel 725 pipes sockets  Inconel 725 Pipe Gasket  Inconel 725 pipe joints  Inconel 725 pipe Cross  Inconel 725 Pipe Wyes  Inconel 725 seal ring  Inconel 725 Flange  Inconel 725 bolts  Inconel 725 nutsONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES SUPERIOR QUALITY PROMPT DELIVERY FAVORABLE FEEDBACK ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHT For more info and price of Inconel 725, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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