We are leading manufacturer and stockist of Waspaloy in China.Waspaloy Technical Data Sheet Waspaloy Chemical Composition LimitsWeight %CrBZrAlTiMoCoCuFeSSiMnCPNiWaspaloy18-210.003-00.10.02-0.121.2-1.62.75-3.253.5-5.012-150.50 max2 max0.030 max0.75 max1 max0.02-0.10 max0.030 maxBalWASPALOY is a nickel based age hardenable alloy that possesses high temperature strength while still having a good corrosion resistance,Website:http://www.petrosteels.com, especially to oxidation. WASPALOY can be used at temperatures up to 650 C (1200 F) which is critical rotating applications. WASPALOY is used in gas turbine engine components, missile systems, shafts, spacers, seals, rings, casings, fasteners and many other uses in engine hardware, airframe assemblies.WaspaloyMechanical PropertiesMaterialCondtionThicknessTempTensile Strength ksiYield Strength ksiElongation in 4DHardness HRCSheetSol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HT0-0.020"Room1701101534-44SheetSol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HT0-0.020"1000 F14510013SheetSol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HTover 0.020"Room1751152034-44SheetSol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HTover 0.020"1000 F15010515Waspaloy Properties as per AMS 5544. Heat Treatment is as follows:  Annealing 1975 F / 30 mins and Air Cool  Solution Heat Treatment 1825 F / 2hrs and Air Cool  Stabilization Heat Treatment 1550 F /4hrs and Air Cool  Precipitation Heat Treatment 1400 F / 16 hrs and Air CoolWaspaloy Bar Properties  Properties as per AMS 5708 type 2 (capable of AMS 5709) Heat Treatment is as follows  Solution Treat 1900 - 1975 F / 1-4 hours and Air Cool  Resulting hardness not higher than 302HB  Stabilization Heat Treatment Heat to 1550 F / 4 hrs and Air Cool  Precipitaion Heat Treatment Heat to 1400 F / 16 hrs and Air Cool  Resulting hardness 32-42 HRCWaspaloy Specifications  Rod, Bar, Wire and Forging Stock  ASTM B 637, ISO 9723, ISO 9724, ISO 9725, AMS 5704, AMS 5706, AMS 5707, AMS 5708, AMS 5709, AMS 5828, MAM 5706, AECMA PrEN 2193, AECMA PrEN 2194, AECMA PrEN 2406, AECMA PrEN 2958, AECMA PrEN 2959, AECMA PrEN 2960, AECMA PrEN 3220.  Plate, Sheet and Strip  AMS 5544, AECMA PrEN 2195  UNS N07001, W. Nr 2.4654, MSRR 7192  Multimet N155  AMS 5532 Sheet, Plate and Strip  AMS 5769 Bars, Rings and Forgings  AMS 5794 Welding Wire  AMS 5795 Coated Electrodes  UNS R30155 The Waspaloy items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  Waspaloy Rod  3D printing spherical powder Waspaloy  Waspaloy Rings  Waspaloy Forgings  Waspaloy pipe  Waspaloy tube  Waspaloy bars  Waspaloy plates  Waspaloy sheets  Waspaloy Strip  Waspaloy wire  Waspaloy fitting Union  Waspaloy Pipe Elbows  Waspaloy PIPE Tee  Waspaloy ADAPTERS  Waspaloy pipe bend  Waspaloy reducers  Waspaloy fitting caps  Waspaloy pipe outlets  Waspaloy Stub Ends  Waspaloy Couplings  Waspaloy pipe Nipples  Waspaloy BUSHINGS  Waspaloy pipes sockets  Waspaloy Pipe Gasket  Waspaloy pipe joints  Waspaloy pipe Cross  Waspaloy Pipe Wyes  Waspaloy seal ring  Waspaloy Flange  Waspaloy bolts  Waspaloy nutsONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES SUPERIOR QUALITY PROMPT DELIVERY FAVORABLE FEEDBACK ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHT For more info and price of Waspaloy, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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