STAINLESS Jethete M152

We are leading manufacturer and stockist of STAINLESS Jethete M152 in China.Chemical Composition LimitsWeight%CSiMnP+S maxCrMoNiNVJethete M1520.08-0.130.35 max0.50-0.90P 0.030      S 0.02511-12.51.50-2.02-30.02-0.040.25-0.40Jethete M152 is a creep and corrosion resistant,Website:, hardened and tempered steel with a usual upper temperature limit of 560°C. It combines very good toughness and creep rupture properties making it an excellent alloy for use in highly stressed turbine blades, discs, screws, bolts and rings. Jethete M152 is supplied by Aircraft Materials in both bar form, to British Standards BS S151 and BS S159 and in sheet form to Rolls Royce specifications MSRR 6504 and MSRR 6514. It can also be supplied in mill productions to the US Aerospace specification AMS 5719.Jethete M152 is supplied in various different types of heat treatment depending on the specification required. The standard heat treatments for Jethete M152 are as follows: STAINLESS Jethete M152 Mechinacal Properties Comparison GradeTreatmentTensile Strength    MpaYield Strength    MpaElongation %Hardness HBRuling SectionS151A S151DSoftened      Finally Heat Treated      930-1130      780      14311max  286-311-      150mmS159A S159DSoftened      Finally Heat Treated      1100-1300      900      8311 max 321-38850mmAMS 5719AMS 5719Annealed      Hardened & Double Templerd    1069min      896      12311  341-375-      -Availability  STAINLESS Jethete M152 specifications  BS S151  BS S159  MSRR 6503  MSRR 6504 - Jethete M152 sheet  MSRR 6514 - Jethete M 152 sheet  AMS 5719  DTD 5066  WS 1.4933  WS 1.4938  WS 1.4939  Z12CNDV12  AECMA FE-PM37  UNS S64152The STAINLESS Jethete M152 items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Rod  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Rings  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Forgings  STAINLESS Jethete M152 pipe  STAINLESS Jethete M152 tube  STAINLESS Jethete M152 bars  STAINLESS Jethete M152 plates  STAINLESS Jethete M152 sheets  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Strip  STAINLESS Jethete M152 wire  STAINLESS Jethete M152 fitting Union  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Pipe Elbows  STAINLESS Jethete M152 PIPE Tee  STAINLESS Jethete M152 ADAPTERS  STAINLESS Jethete M152 pipe bend  STAINLESS Jethete M152 reducers  STAINLESS Jethete M152 fitting caps  STAINLESS Jethete M152 pipe outlets  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Stub Ends  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Couplings  STAINLESS Jethete M152 pipe Nipples  STAINLESS Jethete M152 BUSHINGS  STAINLESS Jethete M152 pipes sockets  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Pipe Gasket  STAINLESS Jethete M152 pipe joints  STAINLESS Jethete M152 pipe Cross  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Pipe Wyes  STAINLESS Jethete M152 seal ring  STAINLESS Jethete M152 Flange  STAINLESS Jethete M152 bolts  STAINLESS Jethete M152 nuts ONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES  SUPERIOR QUALITY  PROMPT DELIVERY  FAVORABLE FEEDBACK  ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO  SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of STAINLESS Jethete M152, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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