We are leading manufacturer and stockist of Mu-Metal in China.Mu-Metal Technical Data SheetMu-Metal Chemical Composition LimitsWeight%NiCuCrSPSiMnCMoFeHymu 80 (Comp1)79.0-80.60.0080.020.420.950.033.8-5RemMIL N 14411C (Comp2)75.0-77.04.0- is 80% nickel with additions of iron and molybdenum as main elements in turn this alloy offers an extremely high initial permeability. It is only moderately resistant to moisture and atmospheric corrosion,Website:, it used mainly in in transformer cores but is well known for its magnetic properties which are used for shielding electrical components from magnetic fields. "HYMU 80" has a minimum DC permeability of 80,000 at a flux density of 40 gauss when heat treated by the recommended procedure and test in accordance with ASTM 596Mu-Metal Mechanical PropertiesMu-MetalYield Strength (psi)Tensile Strength (psi)Elongation in 2" (%)44,000100,00040Mechanical Properties in the Annealed ConditionMu-Metal Physical Properties (Annealed Condition)  Specific Gravity - 8.7g/cm  Curie Temperature - 830°F (410°C)  Electrical Resistivity, 349 ohm circ mil/foot 0.55 ohm mm²;m  Density lb/ - 316  Thermal Conductivity - 134 btu-inch/ft hour °F 0.32 W/cm °C  Mu-Metal Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, in./in. °F x 10 (-******)  7.2in/in °F x 10-6 between 70 and 400F  13cm/cm/ °C 10-6 between 30 and 204 °CMu-Metal Specifications  Permalloy  HYMU 80  MAG 7904  MIL N 14411 C, COMP. 1  ASTM A753-78 and ASTM 596 The Mu-Metal items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  Mu-Metal Rod  3D printing spherical powder Mu-Metal  Mu-Metal Rings  Mu-Metal Forgings  Mu-Metal pipe  Mu-Metal tube  Mu-Metal bars  Mu-Metal plates  Mu-Metal sheets  Mu-Metal Strip  Mu-Metal wire  Mu-Metal fitting Union  Mu-Metal Pipe Elbows  Mu-Metal PIPE Tee  Mu-Metal ADAPTERS  Mu-Metal pipe bend  Mu-Metal reducers  Mu-Metal fitting caps  Mu-Metal pipe outlets  Mu-Metal Stub Ends  Mu-Metal Couplings  Mu-Metal pipe Nipples  Mu-Metal BUSHINGS  Mu-Metal pipes sockets  Mu-Metal Pipe Gasket  Mu-Metal pipe joints  Mu-Metal pipe Cross  Mu-Metal Pipe Wyes  Mu-Metal seal ring  Mu-Metal Flange  Mu-Metal bolts  Mu-Metal nutsONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES SUPERIOR QUALITY PROMPT DELIVERY FAVORABLE FEEDBACK ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHT For more info and price of Mu-Metal, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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