Wellbar Flow Meter

Welcome to purchase discount source wellbar flow meter from our company, which is one of the best China wellbar flow meter manufacturers and suppliers.Integrated intelligent Wellbar flow meter (hereinafter referred to as flow meter) is a newly insertion type flow meter with the design of differential pressure type flow meters principleProduct Code: 201458171727Main features:1) Stable differential pressure signal, high precision, anti blocking design, small pressure loss, low energy consumption, energy saving.2) Newly and unique design of sensor structure , integrated double cavity structure, simple structure, convenient installation & maintenance3) No moving parts, high strength, no leakage, anti blocking. High measuring accuracy, good reliability & stability4) A wide range of applications. Suitable for flow measurement of various sizes of round tube and square tube, so as to high temperature and high pressure occasions5) With temperature, pressure measurement, density compensation6) Small orifice, easy installation, low requirements of straight pipe, B4 type can be installed and disassembled in the current situation.7) Flow, differential pressure, pressure and temperature detection of gas, liquid, steam and corrosive medium8) Integration has the advantages of compact structure, no traditional differential pressure flow meter pressure guiding pipe. It reduces leakage and maintenance, yet saving installation time and cost.9) Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA DC. or RS-485 communication interface10) Power supply: +24V DC. power supply or batteries. By S2000 or SKFA 1100 security gate intrinsically safe power supply11) Proof mark: Exib II CT512) Protection grade: IP65As the flow meter is not standardized, it is needed to calibrate on the standard device to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.ApplicationThe Integrated intelligent Wellbar flow meter is composed of the Wellbar flow sensor, intelligent differential pressure flow totalizer.  It also be connected with the control system or computer network to carry out the measurement and control of fluid flow.


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