Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier

Welcome to purchase discount source industrial ultrasonic humidifier from our company, which is one of the best China industrial ultrasonic humidifier manufacturers and suppliers.Industrial ultrasonic humidifier Product Code: 201462810817Working principleThe principle of Ultrasonic atomization is using electronic overclocking shock (vibration frequency is 1.7MHz, surpass the audible range, no harm to human and animals), through high frequency harmonic oscillation of the atomizer plate, to produce natural and elegant mist, yet without heating or chemicals.*Depending on the amount of spray, the output interface of WT industrial humidification systems can be single PVC output interface (i.e., 3kg, 6kg) and dual output PVC interface (i.e. 9kg, 12kg). WT industrial humidification is with exterior wall hanging and castor design. With stainless steel body and spray processing surface, it’s beautiful, practical and easy-installation. NH ultrasonic humidifier is equipped with standard water supply port &water discharge switch and overflow, which gives the nozzle automatic replenishment and automatic control of the water level. Application field 1) Automotive painting industry Automotive painting industry: in car coating workshop, such as spray chamber, coating room or other important technical positions are to be installed with humidification device. As franklinism is one of the factors that affect the painting process, the humidity should be controlled between 40 to 80% RH in regard of different seasons, which can eliminate franklinism. The elimination of franklinism can prevent the volatile gas explosion accident, avoid dust adhering to the surface of the workpiece, make the surface bright & dustless, and improve vehicle quality requirements. (Recommend ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER)2) Tobacco IndustryThe tobacco industry: There are quite strict requirements for environmental humidity in the process of tobacco, i.e cigarette storage, picking, re-drying, package. Relative humidity is controlled within 65 ~ 70% RH. The increase of humidity and the moisture content of tobacco leaves can reduce tobacco broken loss rate and improve the production yield and quality. 3) Printing industry:Printing quality is the life of the enterprise. To ensure high printing quality, it is not only about printing equipment, materials, professional and technical, but also a good printing environment. The best working relative humidity of the printing shop is controlled between 55 and 65%RH. This avoids the deformation of the paper and dislocation of color printing. Static can lead to the printing process of paper surface dust & affect the quality of printing. And it can also cause the printing solvent volatile gas combustion hazards. Static elimination ensures safe production and improves the printing efficiency and quality.(recommended humidifying machine - ultrasonic/high pressure micro fog equipment)4) Textile industry:Relative humidity has a great influence on the quality of the production process of fiber yarn,such as moisture regain, strong strength, elongation, flexibility, etc. Textile workshop relative humidity is controlled between 70 to 80% RH, which can strength the yarn, decrease end breakage rate, reduce flyings phenomenon. To eliminate static, it can make the fiber drawing, combing, textile and other process smoothly, thus improving the production rate and quality. (recommend ultrasonic/high pressure micro fog equipment)5) The telecom industryThe telecom industry: programmable user switches is an important part of national public network, and it is the core of communication network. Program-controlled room temperature and humidity requirements are important content of the management of computer room. In general, the relative humidity of inside room is kept within the scope of 40 ~ 60% RH. For computer room, if the air is too dry, it will lead to static effect, which can easily cause harm, such as integrated circuit board down and threaten the safety of the switch.(recommendation - ultrasonic humidifier)6) Cold storage preservation industryCold storage preservation industry: With the improvement of people's living quality, People have higher requirements for storage of fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc, and they strictly control the temperature and humidity of the warehouse. Relative humidity is controlled between 85 ~ 95% RH is advisable.(recommend ultrasonic humidifying machine)7) High-end hotels, office buildings, villasHigh-end hotels, office buildings, villas: Humidification is to meet the needs of people on the comfort of work and life. The indoor dry air has bad effects on people's health, especially in the northern area in winter. People feel comfortable in the environment of temperature between 20 ~ 26 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity of 40 ~ 60%rh. Working in this kind of conditions, it also improves efficiency. (recommend ultrasonic humidifier)


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