Single-seated Control Valves

Welcome to purchase discount source single-seated control valves from our company, which is one of the best China single-seated control valves manufacturers and suppliers.Single-seated control valves Single seat valve housings of different nominal sizes, pressure levels and materials are available to enable optimum adaptation to the operating data. Additionally, various internal trims and different Kvs values are possible for every nominal diameter. The appropriate type and size are defined using the operating data.Whether a straight-through valve, a three-way mixing valve or a three-way distributing valve is needed depends on the desired influence on the energy flow.Control valve 23/25 Single seat straight-way valves and three-way valves— Size DN 15 ... DN 150— With pneumatic actuatorVarious housing materials— Grey cast iron, cast steel or stainless steelVarious internal trim options1) Parabolic or slotted cone2) Seat ring with metallic or soft seal3) Various Kvs values for every nominal size4) Linear or equal-percentage characteristicSeveral stem seal options1) Maintenance-free PTFE lip rings2) Pure graphite rings3) Hermetic bellows sealIntegral positioner1) With follower pin for stroke measurement free of play2) Protected point for mechanical stroke measurement inside the yoke (complies with regulations for prevention of accidents)3) No external tubing required due to internal air channelsFunctional descriptionThe ABB single-seat straight-way valve 23/25 is a final control element for continuous control through variation of the media or energy flow in tubes. Actuation is through compressed air from a multi-spring diaphragm actuator.The medium, the operating temperature and the desired environmental protection (e.g. through use of a hermetic bellows seal for poisonous substances) are the decisive criteria for selecting the appropriate stem seal. The multi-spring diaphragm actuator combines a compact design with a low height. The valve is actuated through compressed air of max. 6 bar, and returned by spring force. The controlling torque can be adapted to the application by using the appropriate actuator size (diameter) and number of return springs.Technical data HousingSize DN 15 ...150  Flanges according to DINOperating pressure according to DIN 2401 and observing the housing material  Material: Grey cast iron 0.6020 PN 16, 0...200°C (for straight-way valves DN 15...50 material 06025)Cast steel 1.0619 PN 40, -10 ... +400°CStainless steel 1.4581 PN 40, -10 ... +400°CSeatStainless steel 1.4571, screwed in positionConeStainless steel 1.4571Single-guide parabolic cone for single-seat straight-way valve, linear or equal percentage valve characteristic or Double-guide slotted cone for three-way valve, with linear characteristicSetting ratio: 40 : 1Leakage rate (relative to the Kvs value)<0.01% with metallic seal< 0.005% with ground-in cone< 0.001% for cone with soft sealValve stemStainless steel 1.457, press rolledStem sealPacked gland with pure graphite packing for -10 ... +400°CMountingFlange connection according to DINFreely insertable in pipe (no mounting on actuator!!)Actuator vertically upwards (standard position)


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