RAX  SERIES COMBINED ROLLER BEARINGOverview: RAX series combined roller bearings are units comprising radial needle roller bearings with thrust bearings.with compact structure and small size and high rotating accuracy capable of supporting axial loads while holding very high radial loads.It is widely used in machine toll,metallurgical,textile and printing machinery.RAX 700RAXF 700RAX 410RAX 510RAXPZ 400RAXZ 500RAX 705RAX 412RAX 512RAXPZ 410RAXZ 510RAX 712RAXF 712RAX 415RAX 515RAXPZ 412RAXZ 512RAX 714RAXF 714RAX 417RAX 517RAXPZ 415RAXZ 515RAX 715RAXF 715RAX 420RAX 520RAXPZ 417RAXZ 517RAX 718RAXF 718RAX 425RAX 525RAXPZ 420RAXZ 520RAX 720RAXF 720RAX 430RAX 530RAXPZ 425RAXZ 525RAX 725RAXF 725RAX 435RAX 535RAXPZ 430RAXZ 530RAX 730RAXF 730RAX 440RAX 540RAXPZ 435RAXZ 535RAX 735RAXF 735RAX 445RAX 545RAXPZ 440RAXZ 540RAX 740RAXF 740RAX 450RAX 550RAXPZ 445RAXZ 545RAX 745RAXF 745RAX 460RAX 560RAXPZ 450RAXZ 550RAX 470RAX 570RAXPZ 460RAXZ 560RAXPZ 470RAXZ 570


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