Ordinary Bolt

Ordinary bolt is a prevents the opening of the door of simple parts is generally metal,Website:http://www.haiyawujin.com, is divided into two parts, the part with the rod, the part is a "eye". Usually with a portion of the shaft is fixed on the door, a fixed on the door frame, and the position corresponding to. Than the lock has the advantages of simple structure, but the effect is, just lock the door bolt in the door. When in use, the rod is inserted into the eye can be.Model:HY-PP-002 Size:39×5.8×3.5mm Unit Price:0.06Model:HY-OP-003 Size:26×6×3.5mm Unit Price:0.05Model:HY-OP-004 Size:25×6×3.5mm Unit Price:0.05


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