Refrigerant R142b For Refrigeration And Foaming

Chlorotrifluoroethane ( HCFC-142b)HCFC-142b is a colorless gas under ordinarytemperature with slight fragrance,Website:, and a colorless & transparent liquidunder the pressure of itself, easily soluble in oil but poorly in water. It ismainly used in the refrigerating systems under high temperature conditions,thermostatic control switches, the intermediate of aerial propellant, and theimportant raw material for vinylidene fluoride.Properties:UnitHCFC-142bChemical formulaCClF2CH3Molecular weightg/mol100.5Boiling point (101.325 Pa)℃-9.2Critical temperature℃136.45Critical pressureMPa4.15Critical densityg/cm30.435Liquid densityg/cm31.096Latent heat of vaporization at bpKJ/kg215Solubility in water (25℃)W%0.14Specific heat of liquid (30℃)KJ/kg·k1.34ODP0.06SWP0.36Quality Specification:IndexQuality PerformanceAppearanceColorless, not turbidOdorNo strange stenchPurity %≥99.9%Moisture %≤0.001Acidity (as HCl) %≤0.00001Evaporation residue %≤0.01Chlorides (Cl-) test %≤0.0003No condensable gas (V/V) %≤1.5Packing:13.6KG; 400KG; 800KG steel cylinders; ISO TANK.PS:UN NO.2517, HS Code 29034910.24, CAS 75-68-3, Class 2.1.


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