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Air freight rate Hong KongAir freight Export from Hong KongCollect goods from Foshan,Website:, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen by truck to Hong Kong( 1day)Arrange air cargodepartHong Kong, send you full set of documents, scheduleas pre-alertDelivery to your door.Advantages:Can arrange air cargo shipping goods of belowBatteryshipping: Drybattery, Lithium batteries,Button cellElectronic products: mobile , mobile battery, electronic cigarettes, tobacco smokePrinting supplies: toner cartridges, cartridges, toner, inkFood additives: concentrated juice, powder, spices, flavorsCosmetics: all kinds of cosmetics, nail polish, perfumePaint: paint, silicone paintBiological medicine: Medicine, all kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates, biological reagents, high-end biological reagents can provide 2-8 degrees Celsius temperature serviceCase study: Sometimes, when youbuygoods from China but suppliers cannotprovide export license and shipping service, because it is too complex, then you can contact us and we are specializeon fix this kind of shipment issue.Air freight Import to Hong Kong/China mainlandAir freight cargo customs clearance, deliveryto Door in Hong Kong(DDP term).Air freight from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe to Hong Kong,Door to DoorAir freight import to China to Door via Hong Kong. (Delivered Duty Paid Door to Door)Glue, Machine, ink, name brand products etcs. Case study: Now China buyers import more and more top quality goods from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway every year, such as Food, Machine,Chemicals, Redwines etcs.But before place the order, normally they need some samples, but import customs clearanceis very complex and after China buyers finish customs clearance and get the sample, it takes very long time. Now we can arrange Door to Door delivery to consignee of China.


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