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Clothes international shippingby seaGARMENTS ON HANGERS(GOH) container service.When we shipping suit of clothing, GARMENTS ON HANGERS (GOH) is the mostly used container shipping by sea. Clothing transportation is unique. With the international garment manufacturing, the proportion of high-end clothing customers is increasing. Currently exporting garments stream, mounting transport has become a trend, more and more used in high-end clothing exports of container transport. Mounted in the transport, depending on the characteristics of the goods, there are different requirements mount. In order to make GOH flexible, logistics service providers need to have the ability to modify container. In other countries, the clothing mounted transport logistics is very common mode of transport. Mainly used mounted transport in order to avoid wrinkles in clothing during transport, reduce duplication and other labor costs and ironing Added time. Use door to door service, goods directly transported from the factory to stores, reducing the number of intermediate links, shorten the delivery time, it can reduce cargo damage. However, due to transport mounted in space utilization than ordinary packaging and, usually using special equipment or vehicles, the cost of this mode of transportation is relatively high. Considering the value is relatively high, relatively strong seasonal clothing that is more suitableformount transport, such as dresses, fashion category.Clothes international shipping rateof GOH Usually informshipping carrier to change container box about10 days before vessel depart. For 20ft,Single floor,shipping companies generally charge a fee ofchange box ranging $500-650, 20ft double floor, generally change box fee between $600-800.For40ft box singlefloorchange fee generally is $1000, for 40ft doublefloor,change box fee between $ 1200-1500. It should be reminded that: shipping companies generally do not allow customers or agents secretly changed the container box,if shipping carrier fount that, there will be not onlyhigh fines, but also need to find own proxy consignor Demolition change box in the port of destination. Shippingcarrieralso not responsible for all the losses generated (such as clothing damage, etc.). For GOHcontainer shipping, we highly suggest buycargo insurance, because if there are damage on the clothes,ironingfeeabroad often high, it is much easier to claim with insurance company than from shipping company. Clothes international shippingby air and courier Why Clothes international shippinguse air service and what are the requirement of freight forwarder? First,the clothing customer orders generally very seasonal, species diversity, the export of transport have different requirements. For third-party logistics service providers to provide services to customers of clothing (forwarding companies), the need to have a wide service, from the sea, land and air transport soon, provide all-round services. Second, the strict time control. Clothing trade time control was very strict, and the corresponding inspection involving textiles, quotas, customs declaration and a series of procedures, if there is oversight, it may lead to the loss of traders and logistics providers of both parties, it requires a third-party logistics service providers (freight forwarding company) and Cohesion in all aspects of import and export formalities must be particularly careful. Is there GOH container use in air transport? Yes, the GOH mostly usedis LD3 (also called AKE box, theoretical volume of 4.3 cubic meters, and can be fitted suits around 250, the minimum chargeable weight 600 kg) and M1 (also called AMA box, theoretical volume 17.5 cubic meters, the minimum chargeable weight 2400 kg). Currently LCL and air hanginggarments, the owner can be individually welded a metal frame, cover cardboard packaging (woodenisheavy weight and need to do fumigation), as a separate packaging shipping. Somefreight forwarding companyalso provide GOH service according to the owner’s similar requirement, the price is much lower than the airlinescompany.LDP(landed duty paid) service of Garment. From the beginning of the textile quota year, we begin handle the United States International LDP (landed duty paid) DDP price door to door freight services,. We arrangethe contractor cargo transport, insurance and US customs clearance, tax, shipping links, has the goods to buy designated delivery address. We havefreight companies, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago San Francisco, Miami in the United States. The depth of the development of operating system processes, breaking the Sino-US time difference drawbacks, both China and the US maintain 24-hour information synchronization, make theLDP service to a higher level. For the international shipping rate, we choose well-known and high-quality Shippingline such EVERGREEN, KLINE, APL, MAERSK, OOCL, YML, CMA, etcwith discount shipping rate. Clothes international shippingisSeasonal, demanding exact and fast delivery,we havea wealth of operational experience, by FCL, LCL, air, land , other diversified combinations such as sea air to meet the clients requirement. With advanced cargo tracking system, accurate grasp freighter arrived, container unloading port, delivery time; the US logistics warehousing network Division covered the nation, can to provide customers with personalized warehousing, sorting, unpacking, paste-Mark and transit services. Team: Through many years of exploration on the North American routes, we have a highly professional, understanding team, strict implementation of customers transport mission.


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