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Sea Freightrate from China to USAHow to start my first import business from China ?Like most buyers,Website:, mostly already found suppliers in China, but do not know how to arrange the sea freight or air freight to USA Door? Below is the introduction of air and sea shipping procedures, for any question, you can leave message below or send to us.We will reply you within 12hours.IncotermsShipping Incoterms are international standard codes that decides when and where cargo shall be transferred between the supplier and the importer. If you want to know more, you can read it ,LCL shipping&AircargoSea freight shipping is the cheapestway that for large order goods. First choice is FCL (Full Container Load)for over about 15CBM goods. If less, can choose LCL (Less than Container Load), that means consolidate your goods with other importer of USA to save cost. For urgent cargo, we can arrange by air or our VIP account of DHL/FedExto door"Whowillarrangeyourair &sea freight?"You have 3 options, 1. Choose a China based forwarder arrange all the shipping. 2. Choose USA based forwarder arrange all the shipping 3. Let supplier arrange the shipping by CIF Port of discharge, thenyou arrange rest. I suggest you choose option 1 ,for the reason you can check freight forwarder China to USA For option 3, do not suggest that is because when you let your supplier manages the shipping you are not in control of which freight shippingcarrierthey select, which is probably the cheapestand slowest. I suggest that you contact a China local shipping agent that can book schedule according to your request with 1sthand rates."Do I need to pay any fees or taxes in China?"No, you dont need to pay any "export tax" when importing from China. What you need to pay is FOB Price +Air/Sea freight + USA Destinationcharges. For more detail of total cost list ,pls contact us."What about insurance?"We arrange all risk insurance for our client with lower begin from 0.1% of your cargo value. Insurance company that we arrange isUSA famous insurance company: AIG freight Delivery timefrom China to USAThe shippingtimeby seafrom China to USA west coast (LOS ANGELES,CA ;OAKLAND,CA) is roughly 14-16days. The shippingtimeby seafrom China to USA Mid(CHICAGO,IL DALLAS,TX,HOUSTON,TX) is roughly 24-26days.The shippingtimeby seafrom China to USA East(MIAMI,FL NEW YORK ,NT,NORFOLK,VA) is roughly 24-30days. New York(24days) Miami (31days)But,pls keep in mind that it need at least 4days(Max:7days) before your goods depart China. That is the time of AMS(Automated Manifest System) to USA customs and customs clearance in China. After goods arrive USA port or container yard, itis very fast that normally take about 1-2days delivery to your door. Generally, although sea freight is the cheapest way, butit indeed very slow. That require buyer prepare the order at least 3 months before you need the products in your warehouse. If you need goods urgently, that can choose air freight from China to USA, it normally takes3-5days to your door. "What happens when the cargo arrives at the Port of Destination?"For Sea freight, before container arrive USA ports, we will arrange customs clearanceof USA, aftercontainers unload from vessels (somemay be inspected by the USAcustoms authorities, but most are not.) we will arrange delivery to door immediately.   For air freight: After flight departsChina, we will arrange customs clearanceof USA, once cargo arrive airport, wewill arrange deliver to your door immediately. For Courier express: We send to DHL/FedEx/UPS with our VIP account, you enjoy stand deliver service of them. If you want to know the detail charges, pls send your info to"How do I get my goods from the port?"You can pick up by yourself or ask us delivery to you.(2hours free unloading time.) Make sure you have forklift to unload heavy cargo."What need to doif the cargo is damaged?"The damage situation sometimes happensin the transportation. That is the reason why need buy insurance.If your cargo is damaged, wesuggest you follow below procedures. 1.) Take photos and videos of the damages 2.) Estimate the total number of damaged cartons and products 3.) Make a calculation of the total value loss. 4.) Send abovematerial to the insurance company We will send AIG insuranceB/L to you, there will be local insurance agent on the insurance B/L that you can contact.Dimensions of ContainersIn case you decide to import full container loads, belowis general 3 types of container volume and dimension for your ref. for more info, pls vist Export packingHigh quality packing is important for export shipping. Normally Chinese suppliers have much experience for export shipping packing, but if your goods is arrange by LCL(Less than container loading), you must double reminder China factory do a better packing.Shipping documentsBelow is the basis documents :Proforma Invoice, Billof lading, Packinglist, Invoice. For customs clearance in USA only need:Billof lading, Packinglist, Invoice.Proforma InvoiceAbbreviated as:PI ,PI is the final confirmof the shipping/payment terms that before you place the order. Normally include supplier bank info, shipping term, paymentterm, deliverydate.Bill of LadingA Bill of lading(abbreviated as B/L or BoL) is a document issued by carrier(or his agent) acknowledge receiptof a shipment of cargo.It will specifies the shipping company, exporting company (seller), consignee (buyer), cargo description, weight,volumeetc.Commercial InvoiceA document specifying the product name, how many pcs, order value, consignee. This document is used for customs clearance and calculation of VAT and taxfeesof USA.Packing listA document specifying the weight,quantity, cartons, volumeand consignee etc. The Packing List isimportant for provide to freight forwarder, then we can give you suggestion about how to ship these goods.Air Sea freightrateTake intercom FOB Shanghai as the sample to explain the cost.Transportation to Port of Loading: Shanghai (included in FOB)Shanghai Port charges/Export clearance (Included in FOB)Air/Sea freight charge (Need paid by you)Insurance (Need paid by you))Customs clearance feesof USA(Need paid by you))USA Custom duties+Tax(Need paid by you))Deliverto your doos(Need paid by you))So what your total cost of import the shipment that is FOB Shanghai price+Air sea freight+Insurance+Customs clearance fee+USA duties,tax+Deliver to door.Sea freight procedures summary1. Inquire the rates together with your cargo info etc 2. Confirmthe rates with freight forwarder 3. Let supplier book to freight forwarder, cargo transportto port, loading on container vessel 4. Customs clearance with packing list, invoice and bill of lading. 5. Container arrive port of destination, clear all the charges and duty with freight forwarder. 6. Book a date that receive your goods. Any more question, pls feel free to contact us.


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