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International courier price and rateWhat is the difference between courier express company and courier agent?DHL UPS TNT Federal Express etc are known as the big courier company. They are in the world to develop their own operating branch, airplane and truck in the world, so they are the courier company. Others are mostly are courier agent , which is a part of the freight forwarder, which can be act as the 4 big courier company's business agents. Of course, you can directly to contact the courier company and sign a contract, but the price is certainly much higher than from agent, because courier agent collect many goods from market then get lower discount from Courier Company. Customer can get better price and better service from China, that is the advantage, but the transmit time should be 1-3days slower than direct to contact courier company, that is the disadvantage. So choose cooperate with courier company directly or with courier agent, depends on if it is urgent goods or not.How can get good Courier price and rate?If you have sample or goods need to be courier deliver from China, you can choose to cooperate with a freight forwarder agent in China, because we can get much lower discount from DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNS,EMS.International courier is an import part of international trade, below is some experience of international courier.International courier From China to Asia(Japan,South Korea,Malaysia,Thailand) ,Fedex is most suitable, faster and cheaper, DHL is also ok,but price a little higher. For courier delivery to Indonesia, it is better use DHL, FedEx customs cleance is not good.International courier From China to North America (Canada, US) and South AmericaFor USA, CANADA, DHL is the best, FedEx is also cheap and fast, but their service of customs clearance is not good as DHL. For Mexico, FedEx is with low courier price and with good customs clearance, many clients prefer it. For Argentina, can only arrange EMS or China post. For Brazil, it is better to use EMS or DHL and consignee must provide CNPJ or CPF. For other countries, such as Bolivia, Suriname, Colombia, Venezuela, all the international courier company is ok.International courier From China to EuropeFor West and North Europe, such as Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Monaco; Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland DHL and TNT’s customs clearance is best, but not suitable for small post, because it is update slow. For East Europe including Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. DHL service is better. Other European countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the former Soviet states, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and so on, should send EMS and postal packages. Greece, Turkey, customs relatively complex and slower, high taxation, unless the customer has its own customs brokers, it is not advisable to go DHL, FedEX, TNT and UPS four major express delivery, generally take the EMS and postal services, clearance is better.International courier From China to Mid EastMiddle East: Middle East proposes to use express AREMEX, this is a local courier company in the Middle East have an advantage over DHL. And EMS and postal is also ok, but slower delivery time.Australia: DHL is more expensive, but also need mark "Made In China" in the box on the machine. In contrast, TNT, FedEX are cheaper, but there may be remote surcharges. Australia clearance is easy.International courier From China to New Zealand and Oceania Other countriesOceania Other countries, including New Zealand, French Polynesia and some islands, DHL and FedEx flight is more, DHL is faster and more expensive. Meanwhile UPS also has some advantage on some destination.International courier From China to AfricaFor South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana etc,can go with DHL,UPS, Other countries in accordance with the customer’s clearance capability.International courier tariff issueFor the duty and tax tariff issue, that depends on the customs of each country. If you want to pay less duty and tax, you can lower the invoice value.   South Korea, Japan tax threshold is $ 150. More than 150 dollars will collect taxes. EU tax threshold was 22 euros more than 22 euros would tax. US tax threshold is $ 220, more than 220 dollars will taxed. Russia is 10,000 rubles per person for about a year limit, which is to buy more than 10,000 rubles a year there might be taxed, but sometimes does not.


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