Sea And Ocean Freight Rate And Quote

Sea and ocean freight rate and quoteOcean freight also named as sea freight is the mostly used transport method for international trade business. It not only can shipping large volume or size goods but also can shipping smaller shipment that is less than one cubic meter. Ocean freight is consistingby FCL and LCL. Belowis the details explanationWhat isFCL (Full Container Load)?FCL is an international ISO standardcontainer load (20"40";45";etc) FCL shipping is the cheapest mode of internationaltransport. However,Website:, it requires the importer to purchase a large quantity of productsthan courier express.Advantages of FCL shippingLower price per cubic meter compared to ship by Air Freight/Expressor LCL Sea Freight. Higher level of security and lower risk for damages due to less handling (Loading, Temporary Storage, Unloading) of your cargothan LCL.Disadvantages of FCL shippingNot suitable for small volume goods,unless your cargo volume isover 10 or15cubic meters then can consider FCL.What isLCL (Less than Container Load)?LCL is an international ISO standard referring consolidatesdifferent consignees'goods into one container. LCL Min charges is charged byone cubic meter (35 cubic feet) is shipped. LCL shipping enables importers to ship smaller quantityof cargo that's not of a large enough to loadFCL. It is also an economicoption than Air freight and express.Advantages of LCL shippingOffers a much cheaper way forheavycargo by Air Freight, and it is sufficient for smaller volume cargo.Disadvantages of LCL shippingHigher price per cubic meter compared to FCL container. Notsuitable for large volume goods as because of higher loading, unloading, dispatchingetc. Need better packing, because loading, unloadingtimes is about 3 times than FCL. And besides, your cargo is loaded into with other goods maybe heavy or sharp products.Procedureof cooperatewith us.Your ocean freight Rate inquiry to be answered within 24 hours We will Coordinate with your vendor, and arrange shipping procedures Email youcontainer stuffing picture and keep you informed of shippingstatus. Inputing ENS/AMS / ISF (Import Security Filing 10+2) accrualand timely. On-Line tracking your cargo/Send debit note to you after containerdeparted.


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