Price And Cost Of China Shipping Container Transport

price and cost of china shipping container transportWhat is price and cost of china shipping container transport?Shipping container price consist by two part, 1.LCL, less than container price, charged by per CBM or Metro Ton.2.FCL,charged by per full container.What is your shipping container cost?It depends on the trade term, if your term is FOB China port, what is your shipping container cost, is only ocean freight+destinationport charges. Original port charges will be on suppliers account.What is container shipping rate consist?It consist by basic rate + surcharges,What is container shipping rate surcharges and what are they?Surcharges,In order to maintain the base rate at a stable period of time, but also accurately reflect the cost of shipping a containereach harbor, except thebasic rate,liner carriers,also provides a variety of expenses.Such as below BUNKER SURCHARGE OR BUNKER ADJUSTMENT FACTOR--B.A.F DEVALUATION SURCHARGE OR CURRENCY ADJUSTMENT FACTOR--C.A.F TRANSHIPMENT SURCHARGE HEAVY LIFT ADDITIONAL/LONG LENGTH ADDITIONAL/SURCHARGE OF BULKY CARGO PORT CONGESTION SURCHARGEETC.What is China shipping container port?There are many shipping container port in China, 8 base ports:Dalian,Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai,Ningbo,Xiamen,Shenzhen,Guangzhou Many river ports:Lianyungang,Wuhan,Wuhu,Fuzhou,Chongqing,Nanjing,Nantong,Foshan,Dongguan,Zhongshan,Maoming,Hainan,Zhuhai,Rongqi,Shantou,Qinzhou,Wuzhou,Fangcheng,Jiangmen,Shunde,Zhanjiang etc. Below is the total service of China shipping container, if the term is FOB China port, you only need to pay for part 2 and 3.   Origin Service1.Pick-up cargo from one orseveral suppliers          2.Consolidating cargo atour warehouse               3.China customs declaration, prepare export documents 4.Insurance 5.Air sea freight shipping serviceOcean Freight service1.Comperitive ratesby oceanand various schedules       2.AMS/ISF/ACIFillings         3.Shippment Tracking on line            6.FCL/LCL(Full container or Less than container) 7.Oceanfreight shipping from China/Vietnam/Malaysia/CambodiaDestination Service1.Customs broker services              2.Door delivery                    3.DDP/DAP servicesIf your inquiryof shipping container pricewith the following detail information will be highly appreciated. 1. Name of commodity* 2. TotalestimateGross Weight of commodity 3. Total Volume of commodity 4. Port of loading (POL)* 5. Port of discharges (POD)* 6. FOB terms or EXW terms 7. Insured value (insurance fee: 0.1%x 1.1x fob value) 8. If need Customs clearance in destination 9. If need delivery to door (DDU/DDP)*Remark Our quotation of China shipping container price are basic rate surcharges, we will mark it on our quote.


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