LP-SK-2000 CNC Vertical Shaft Hardening Machine Tool

LP-SK-2000 CNC Vertical Shaft Hardening Machine ToolContents:Induction hardening machine tool can be divided into high-frequency and medium-frequency hardening machine according to its power supply distinction. But if from the distinction part of quenching machine,Website:http://www.lipai-induction.com, it can be divided into general and special hardening machine quenching machine.The first quenching machine is restructured from metal cutting machine tools. There is difference between quenching machine and metal cutting machine tools. Here are three points: no load generated by metal cutting, an electromagnetic field, quenching medium and cooling appliances and sensors, etc of water cooling requirements.Specifications:Max.hardening length(mm)2000Max swing diameter≤Φ500Workpiece moving speed(mm/s)2-60Rotation speed(r/min)25-125Tip moving speed(mm/min)480Workpiece weight(kg)≤1200Input voltage(V)three phase380Gross motor power(kw)2.5Hardening workpieces/timesingleAdvantages:1.Adopting beeling bearing, high precision, little attrition, life length. Ball bearing pole driving, serve electrical driving, high precision, life length.2.Numerical control system is controlling, keyboard input, memory quenching procedure, working procedure is auto controlling.3.Actualize shift, running calm, high orientation precision, adjust working procedure conveniently, operation easily, perfect protect capability.Package:1.On the outside, packing fumigation wooden cases.2.Inside part, packing plastic film.3.Induction coil is packaged inside.After-sale:Trusted brands of LiPAI and outstanding team of members enable to offer superior manufacturing quality and extraordinary delivery service support. Responsible team of technician is available any time of the day or night and able to provide quick response to our customers wherever they are. And experienced employees give the ability to handle large orders or volume increases while maintaining our commitment to quality, service and delivery. Strong staffs can be qualified to address customers issues and emergencies while they can provide appreciate solutions. 


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