Induction Heat Treatment For Spring Wire

Induction Heat Treatment for Spring WireSpring which is kind of mechanical part works through elasticity and is ordinarily made by spring steel. Springs have various kinds of types, including air valve spring, suspension spring, diaphragm spring, shock absorber spring, hydraulic spring, pump spring, spider-shaped spring, hot springs, torsion spring and the like. Complete set of heat treatment equipment of vehicle suspension spring is mainly produced by Zhengzhou Gou’s. And here are processing requirements.The diameter of vehicle suspension spring is generously in the range from Φ55 to Φ12. And material is 65mm. Tensile strength of class A is required from 1500MPa to 1650MPa while the other one of class B is required from 1600MPa to 1750MPa. Elongation after its broken is more than 30%. Following is production operation of this equipment.Steel wire is conveyed by pay-wheel machine and into the induction heating coil to warm-up straightening rollers through pinch rollers. Then with austenitic induction heating, cooling after tempering martensite into the sensor, and then send the clip roll into the insulation chamber, from the chamber out of the air-cooled heat (or water) by the take-up machine wheeled into a roll, and cut off the wire after a roll by another round of take-up machine of the wheel.Preheat temperature is about 700 ℃ and its frequency is 8KHz. Austenitizing temperature is of about 900℃ with its frequency of 50KHz. Adopting synthetic quenching cooling materials, tempering temperature is 400-450℃ with frequency of 8KHz. Austenitizing temperature and tempering temperature is measured by infrared thermometer, and automatically displays the temperature by PID  to adjust the speed. 


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