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GlobEmails DEM Globe Resolutions offers the access to GlobEmails DEM (Direct E-Mailing) web based application through which customers can use a powerful but simple application and become successful marketers. Customers will have access to a full set of features to manage their lists, create newsletters, send s to their contacts, receive detailed reports on the campaigns carried out, analyze campaign results and evaluate the ROI (Return On Investment) in marketing activities. The service is offered to both members and non-members of the Community. Companies belonging to the Community can purchase GlobEmails service on favourable terms with a price reduction of up to 70% compared to non-members. The reduction is calculated according to the membership class (Bronze, Silver and Gold). The service offered by Globe Resolutions is for: - companies which need to use this service frequently (FREQUENT SENDER): the customer can choose the package that best meets its needs among the various offers based on monthly and annual plans; - companies which use the service less frequently (INFREQUENT SENDER): the customer has the option to purchase packages of "credits" (each credit is related to sending an to a single recipient) which can be used throughout the year from the date of purchase. For customers who do not have internal resources dedicated to Email Marketing activities GlobEmails provides professional fully managed campaign services through its GlobEmails Partners networks.


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