Premium Screens

You are welcomed to wholesale or buy customized premium screens in stock and get premium screens free sample from us, which is one of the best premium screens manufacturers and suppliers.Premium screensPremium screens are designed for open hole completions with or without a gravel pack. Development and testing of these screens targeted robustness, reliability, sand-control efficiency, and long life in harsh production environments. Premium screens are available in various pore sizes and metallurgies to fit each application. All mechanical loads applied to the premium screens during installation, compression, tension, and torque are conducted through the base pipe only. Premium screen is composed of a base pipe perforated to 10% flow area to capitalize on the high flow area of the filter-mesh material an inner drainage layer to ensure uniform standoff between the filtration medium and the base pipe a sintered laminate filter cartridge for sand retention an outer drainage layer to ensure uniform standoff between the shroud and the filter medium a protective shroud. ApplicationsOpen hole gravel packs Open hole stand-alone screen completions Other sand-control applications where a redundant sand-retention method is desired Benefits Designed for severe service conditions Reliability Long life in harsh production environments Easy and fast installation Features Sintered mesh laminate filtration media Available with filter layers of 60 µm, 115 µm, 175 µm, and 250 µm Filter layer in 316L, Alloy 825, or equivalent Inner and outer drainage layers for uniform distribution of flow over the filter layer Robust design and construction 


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