Dimethylolbutanoie Acid (DMBA)




  CAS No.




Dimethylolbutanoie acid (DMBA)

Molecular formula :C6H12O4

Molecular weight :148.16

Cas No. :10097-02-6


Assay (%)≥99  Moisture (%)≤0.2  Ash (%)≤0.03  Residual aldehyde (%)≤0.01 Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g) 728-782  Fe (PPM)≤5  Na (PPM)≤150  K (PPM)≤10 P (as phosphate) (PPM)≤10  Si (as silicate) (PPM)≤1  Sulfate ion (PPM)≤10 Solubility test in acetone-triethylamine clear

Uses:It is a good cross linking agent and hydrophilic agent, or used to produce water-based high molecule system, is widely used in water soluble PU system, polyester resin and epoxy ester. With good solubility, it also is widely used in coating of water soluble PU system, adhesive and leather coating agent.. It will become a new kind of environment-friendly substitute of Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid.

Packing:25Kg in Al-foil bag. or following your demands

Storage :sealed, kept in cool and dry place. If piled, it should be laid on wood sheet with thickness of 10cm) and the distance from wall is 50cm.



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