As a kind of widely applied flocculent, polyacrylamide PAM plays a important role in water treatment, paper making, mineral dressing and so on. 

For Water Treatment (as settling flocculant) 
--Municipal sewage treatment 
--Industrial waste water treatment 
--Potable water treatment etc. 

For Mineral Processing 
--Flocculant for red mud of Alumina 
--Coal washing etc. 

For Oil & Gas 
--Drilling Fluid Additives 
--Fracturing Fluid Additives 
--Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer 
--Acid Thickener 
--Plugging Agent 
--Polymer Oil-displacing Agent 
--Flocculant in Oily Water Treatment etc. 

For Paper Making 
--Paper retention agent 
--Paper strength agent 
--Garbage capture agent etc. 

Nuoer Chemical s Strength 
We offer all kinds of different level of Cationic or Anionic Charge and Molecular Weight of Polyacrylamide to meet your specific need. 

High quality 
Our products meet the standards of 
SGS ISO9001 ISO14001 

Competitive Price 
As a leading Polyacrylamide manufacturer, compared with other trading companies and small factories , we definitely can offer you the most competitive price especially for long term business relationships. 

Excellent customer services 
Your any inquiry and after-sales questions will get prompt and detailed reply from us. 

25kg/bag 750kg/bag Customized Size 
Shelf life 
2 years for PAM powder 

As a leading chemical manufacturer, our annual output of PAM and SAP are more than 100,000 tons and 140,000tons respectively . 

Nuoer Chemical Independent R&D center is a strong team with more than20 engineers and scientists. And we own 26 patents and 7 scientific awards. 

Contact Us 
Rio Chen 
RM 1204, Jincheng Center, Liyuan, 
Tongzhou District, Beijing 101121, China 
Tel: +86 10 8055 6872 
Fax: +86 10 8055 6871


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