Brushed aluminium composite panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

Brushed aluminium composite panel consists of two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminium permanently bonded to polyethylene core material. The surface of the front aluminium is brushed finish. The sheet can be normally finished in the color of silver and gold,the other color based on your requirement.


1)Super peeling strength

2)Fireproof, impact resistance,strong wind resistance,bending strength

3)Light weight and large size, simple construction and easy to clean  

4)Excellent weather resistance,acid resistance, alkali-resistance

5)Good sound and heat insulation performance

6)Coating evenness, diversified colors & different textures are available on request

7)Bright, elegant and magnificent,easily be cut and shaped fit for various designs


1) Exterior wall of building, Curtain wall

2) Refitting or renovating of old building exterior wall.

3) The balcony, equipment unit, interior compartments

4) Panel, logo plate, display platform

5) The interior wall decoration panel, ceiling, advertising board


至: Hebei Alushine Building Material Co., Ltd
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