Nano PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

Nano-Photocatalysis Coating can decompose the pelagic microbe & flowing organic materials , so that can be to kill and restrain the microbe, clean the air and protect the virus infecting , also the Nano-Photocatalysis coating can be self-cleaning. So now the Nao-Photocatalysis coating become welcome and popular in the construction materials field.


1)Excellent easy-cleaning

2)Pollution resistance

3)Oil resistance

4)Good friction resistance

5)Strong Acid & Alkali resistance

6)Outstanding weather resistance

7)Good self-cleaning characteristic



A) Front: aluminium alloy sheet coated fluoro-carbon resin (PVDF) with Nano lacquer

B) Core: nontox low density polyethylene

C) Back: aluminium alloy sheet coated with polyester resin painting

D) Surface coating thickness: 32μ±1μ

E) Aluminium alloy: 3003 H24

F) Sheet thickness: 0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm 



A) West Europe standard ( Germany DIN Standard);

B) The EAST Europe standard ( Russian standard );

C) The commonweathlth standard (U.K BS Standard );

D) The North America ASTM standard;



A) May be widely used in galleries,exhibition,saloons,stores,offices,banks,hotels,restaurants and apartments

B) An ideal decorative materials for buildings

C) An ideal outer and inner walls

D) Kitchen cabinets ,billboards,signboards,tunnels,subway,interiors

E) Ceilings,eaves,galleries,balconies,partitions,interior decorations

F) Vehicle bodies,yachts,industrial usage etc. 


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