SBS spray adhesive for sofa making, furniture, sponge, foam

Model: 106, 108, 118

Usage: sofa making, furniture, bonding of foam to foam, sponge to sponge, foam to wood, sponge to board, etc. Used in the industries of common sofa, swivel chair, and heat preservation of sponge, wood, cloth, paper, glue between thermal insulation materials such as cotton

Operating considerations

Feature: High solid content, good initial adhesion, high temperature resistant, low odor, environmental protection, save glue


Model Main ingredient Executive standard Viscosity Heat resistance Aging resistance
106 SBS rubber GB18583-2001 80±10 53℃ Very good
108 SBS rubber GB18583-2001 100±10 60℃ Very good
118 SBS rubber GB18583-2001 120±10 65℃ Very good

Operation notice:1-5 minutes airing time before bonding after double sides sprayed on. All-around pressure is important. Incorrect spray or insufficient pressure will lead to cracking or desquamating.

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Our prducts can pass Euro Reach standard test, Euro RoHS standard test, CQI test, China ten-ring standard test.


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