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Desktop pick and place machine/SMT Machine/Chip mounter Automatic pick and place machine TM220A  




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Looking around the market, you hardly find a single machine which is simultaneously fast, flexible, accurate and cheap. All attributes must be traded off against one another.


Following our desktop pick and place machine TM240A introduced to the market, customers surprisingly find such a machine which is very easy use, small, flexible, with good Mounting capability and accuracy, meanwhile very cheap.








YINGXING, Desktop Smart placement machine TM220A and TM240A (please click theTM240A ) , would be your best choice!








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Product Description








Version TM220A

Applicable PCB 

20mm *20mm ~ 220mm *200mm 

XY axis moving range 

305 × 350mm 

Z axis moving range 
Placement head quantity  2 

Mounting capability 

7000 components per hour 

Mounting accuracy 

± 0.025mm 

Applicable Components

0402-5050 , SOP, QFN, IC

Components supply configuration 

Tape reel, bulk package (IC) 

Tape width 

8mm , 12mm, 16mm



External Dimension 

L 830mm × W 455mm × H 285mm 

Vacuum pump

15-92KPA (Mute type pump)

Vacuum pump quantity

1 (included)

Power supply

220V, 50Hz ( convertible to 110V )

Average working power



45KG (without packing: 25KG) 

Packing size 







Why Choose:




1) The customer who operates on a small-to-medium scale will tend to opt for such a small desktop automatic pick and place system which is very convenient and easy use even without a technical assistance.




2) If the number of boards does not exceed a few hundred per working day, such a small desktop placement may well be the best choice.




3) Consider about the cost efficiency, the small desktop placement reaches its maximum cost efficiency in the middle range of production volume, particularly where full-time working is not always guaranteed.




4) A further factor which affects the choice of system is the product mix: if the boards are all customer-specific boards, each with a short or unpredictable length of run, and if production must be flexible and capable of coping with frequent changes, such small desktop placement may be best.




5) Our small desktop pick and place machine is cheaper, and writing if off is less of a problem when faced with a fluctuating and highly differentiated demand.




6)Avoid human error, more accurate and faster.




Product Characteristics:




1)The machine have both Chinese and English version, which would be very user friendly for our foreign customers.




2)Coverfoil automated peel away device: Very convenient, and could make sure coverfoil peel away smoothly and without jerking from the tape, which could effectively prevent components jump out of the tape and jam the machine.




3)With 2 placement heads: 2 components could be picked and placed at the same time at every working stroke of the machine.




4)Could place components on the correct footprints with 360 degree orientation, and with required precision.




5)Automatic vacuum detection function, which could automatically recognize missing components, and remind user timely.




6)Could handle the mounting for 0402 and IC components with required precision, even without vision system. The self-developed Laser positioning principle is quite effective for this type of machine.




7)Self developed Software operating system which is integral to the machine, no need to (and can not) attach to a separate computer. 8G SD Card would be big enough for you to setup hundred thousands files.




8)Integrated type of feeders: No need to buy extra mobile feeder arrays, which is quite cost saving.




9)Feeders are mechanized to automatically present the next component after the preceding one has been collected.




10)Easy and storability of programming, and high speed of changeover from one placement program to another.




11)The programming process is very simple and quick: use Protel tool to extract the PCB circuit coordinate file, and use the format transformation tool we provided to you to transform the file format, and then copy to the SD card, insert to the machine, then you could use the file directly.




12)Online programming function: could easily online programming if you don’t have PCB Circuit diagram.




13)Small and lightweight: simple installation, convenient transportation.




14)Working power 100W: Environmental protection and energy saving.




Standard Accessories:




1)      Pick and Place Machine TM220A: 1


2)      4 types of nozzle: Totally 6 (XS—2, S—2, M—1, L—1).


3)      8G SD Card: 1


4)      Card reader: 1


5)      nozzle disassembly tool: 1sets


6)      User manual: 1


7)      Video training course: 1 sets


8)      PCB Coordinate file transformation tool: 1


9)      Altium Designer: 1      






Packaging & Shipping






Would you like the SMT line?you can click our Stencil Printer  and  Reflow Oven.


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