pv module uv test chamber

Model Effective Irradiation AreaD Wmm Exterior DimensionD W Hmm
LRHS-NF 600x1270 750x1880x800
LRHS-NFX 1820x1000 2500x1400x1500
Lenpure Photovoltaic Module UV Test Chamber
1 Technical parameters   Lenpure Photovoltaic Module UV Test Chamber is a efficient test machine for measuring the durability of solar panel under sunlight ageing process
1.1.    Effective radiation area 600x1270mm
1.2.    Surface temperature of module 60deg C
1.3.    Temperature volatility +-0.5deg C
1.4.    Temperature resolution 0.1deg C
1.5.    Space between lamps 70mm
1.6.    Illumination Uniformity of module test surface: +-15%
1.7.    Air flow rate 0.5 to 1.0m/S
1.8.    Light source 3 UV-A lamps and 3 UV-B lamps of well-known brand imported from America, i.e., 6 lamps shall be used at the same time
1.9.    UVB-313 Wave Length 280 to 320nm
1.10.  UVA-340 Wave Length 313 to 340nm
1.11.  Accessories 1 sample shelf, 6 imported lamps NF, 24 imported lamps NFX and 1 hand-held irradiance meter
1.12.  Parallel distance between test specimen and lamp surface Reach wavelength requirements of sample test finally the height of test specimen platform is adjustable


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