Multicolor quartz, artificial quartz stone, quartz slab stone

Our factory in China is specialized in engineered artificial quartz countertops.


Our Quartz Colors are stable;

 You do not need to worry the color difference and vibration in the appearance for Kitchen Countertop projects. We have More than 100 colors are available

We make the Quartz color (Pattern) Natural look like marble and granite vein. Same as Cambria quartz and Caesar quartz stone if you are bothering most quartz has a range of similar-looking patterns and colors, now we have some Special unique differences colors


We supply the biggest artificial quartz slab in size of 3250mmx1700mm (128inchx67inch), which can save the wastage (save cost) for cut to size apartment Kitchen Countertop projects. Our slab size can be customized according to your project size.


Our quality is the same level as Caesar stone Quartz, Silestone Quartz, Cambria Quartz, Han stone Quartz, Zodiaq Quartz, Viatera Quartz.

About Quartz Countertop in the USA Market

(1) Both Silestone and Caesar stone are popular brands of quartz countertops. Our color is very similar with both companies.

(2) Each of these companies has built up an excellent reputation for quality.

So far we get good comment from client for cut to size project.

(3) Silestone Quartz and Caesar stone Quartz have been providing quartz slabs to their customers internationally for many years.

We concentrate on the quartz cut to size project.

(1) Quartz and granite are two of the most commonly used countertop materials.

(2) While granite is a natural stone with Color varying, Granite countertop will have a great variation in colors.

Even the most common granite has Spots or veins of color in the same slabs,

(3) Our quartz stone is a more uniform material; the same pattern throughout the Quartz.

(4) Choose granite is you like a lot of variation, can accept surface marks such as Spots and crack or you would like a wild pattern. (Now our Quartz can supply a wild pattern for Quartz Countertop)

(5) Choose our quartz countertop, if you want a uniform appearance, a bright color, or you feel you would be unable to accept cracks and spots.

(6) Granite, like any natural stone is easy to staining. It will need to be cleaned with a stone cleaner and sealed with a sealer. Our quartz stone do not need a sealer

(7)Granite can etch and stain if subjected to acids such as lemon juice, tea, coffee, beer, wine and tomatoes, you will need to wipe up spills from granite immediately. Our quartz does not have this problem

(8)Unlike our quatz stone, granite can be susceptible to cracks and stains .The maintenance for granite is greater than that of natural quartz products.



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Countertop,artificial quartz countertop,slabs
Countertop,artificial quartz countertop,slabs
Multicolor quartz, artificial quartz stone, quartz slab stone
Multicolor quartz, artificial quartz stone, quartz slab stone
Multicolor quartz, artificial quartz stone, quartz slab stone
Multicolor quartz, artificial quartz stone, quartz slab stone

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