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Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd is a famous China rubber grommet factory and supplier with customized silicone grommet, please feel free to contact us. Rubber Grommet Product Description Rubber grommets/grummets are essentially rubber molded parts which are placed around drilled or punched holes to an opening in a surface. Rubber robbin mechanically eliminate sharp edges providing a cushion of protection for the items which passes through the surface material from tearing or breaking wire, cable, tubing, piping, hoses, air lines, rope, etc, add aesthetic value to your applications. In addition, many grommets also serve as seals. We offer a variety of standard elastic grommets, and we can custom make grommets and other rubber components to your unique specifications. Silicone rubber bushings can be made in various rubber compounds including, silicone, Buna-N, Viton Neoprene and EPDM. Our silicone grommets are available varying from sizes and shapes that are matched to all kinds of products, such as lighting products. Each lighting rubber grommet provides shock protection and security to keep your vehicles lights safe and also improves the overall appearance. Basic Information Material  1). SBR Grommets  2). Buna-N Grommets  3). EPDM Grommets  4). Neoprene Grommets  5). Viton Grommets  6). Silicone Grommets  7). Natural Rubber Grommets  8). Isoprene Grommets  2. Classifications Rubber grommets are all organized by their varying groove width. The groove width of your rubber robbin should match the width of the panel in which you are installing the grommet. Each groove width selection of elastomer grommets includes varying groove, inner, and out diameters to meet the specifications of different applications while providing the best fit of the elastomeric grommet to ensure maximum protection. The groove diameter should match the diameter of the drilled hole that the silicon robbin will be inserted into. The inner and outer dimensions of the silica gel grommets will help to provide additional sizing specifications so you can pick out most suitable rubber grummet for your needs. 1). Oval Grommets Oval grommets are used as a conduit where an oval shaped hole has been applied for protection of an oval shaped item passing through a panel. 2). Multiple Hole Grommets Multiple hole grommets are used as a conduit to protect two or more items that are to be passed through a panel. 3). Horseshoe Grommets Horseshoe grommets can be utilized for unique applications when a traditional insulation grommet can not be installed. 4). Mounting Hole Grommets Mounting hole grommets are used when a large grommet flange is unpractical because of space limitations. 5). Rubber Insulation Grommets Rubber insulation grommets have been designed symmetrically injection with an ID, OD, overall thickness, groove diameter and groove thickness. These grommets are used when a wire, tube or other objects are passed through metal, plastic or any material that may damage the outside surface of the object. 6). Extended Neck Grommets Extended neck grommets can be utilized for additional protection, rigidity, and stability for the item that is being passed through a housing. They are often used for electrical wire that exits the housing of a unit and as plug for appliance. 7). Vibration Mount Grommets Vibration mount grommets are utilized for noise reduction and protection from the forces generated in compression. These parts are designed with flanges that are not equal. The thicker of the flanges is intended to be the vibration isolator. Typical uses include mounting a small fan or motor. 8). Special ID Grommets Special ID grommets are used to protect an item passing through a panel where a standard round straight hole insulation grommet can’t be used. These grommets may feature holes that are square, diagonal, tapered or uniquely configured inside diameters.9). Blind and Plug Grommets These grommets are used to seal off an aperture in a panel. Blind and Plug grommets are often used when a hole has been stamped into a panel for possible later future use but hole needs to be sealed before production. 3. Applications Grommets are used to protect against the sharp edges caused by drilled holes. If you application is for motors, pump, tools, air lines, rope, cable, wiring, tubing, cars, trucks, trailers, appliances, electronic equipment and many others, rubber grommets are the best options. They are also commonly used as vibration dampers, finishing components and even spacers. When sized correctly, rubber grommets easily snap into your pre-drilled panel hole. Rubber grommets work well in plastic, metal or other materials items. Features 1). Fine finish 2). Cost effective 3). Long life 5. Our Advantages Rubber grommets /grummets are effective and easy to use, which ensure your wiring projects or applications be protected. They can accept simple installation, such as easily snapping the rubber robbins directly into the drill hole, so they are flexible. Our silicone rubber grommets can be made from all kinds of elastic materials, and various sizes and shapes that match to your requirements, such as lighting products. In this case, each lighting rubber grommet provides shock protection and security to keep your vehicles lights safe and also improves the overall appearance.


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