On Grid PV Inverter

1. Specification: Product Name:On-Grid 1K-5K PV InverterInput Voltage (V): Single phase 70-600VOutput Voltage(V): 220-280VAC Voltage Output Power:1-5KWTHDI:<3%Number of MPP trackers:1Grid monitoring: YESOEM/ODM: YESCertification: CE ,Website:http://www.soyan-power.com, ROHSWarranty Time: 1 year 2. Product Feature:High performance string inverters* From 1.0KW to 5KW* Wide PV input voltage range* Rapid MPPT tracking technology* Superior PV energy harvest* Transformers design with higher operation efficiency* Excellent natural thermal design* High overload capability under most ambient conditionsEasy and affordable to install* Lightweight and compact size* Includes a lightweight portable bracket simplifying installation* Firm inverter enclosure allows outdoor applicationFull data display and communications* Customization LCD display all the inverter operation message* Bright LED indicators imply system status at a glance* PC software for remote monitoring and system troubleshooting* High speed RS-232, RS-485 communications port.* First SD card to update the inverter firmware technology and storage operating message technologyCost advantages* Transformer less design cutting down the cost* Light weight and small dimension, reducing shipping cost * Protection degree, suitable for outdoor installation, reducing* Construction cost* Low maintenance expense* First SD card to update the firmware technology can economize much service cost and use cost


至: Shenzhen Soyanpower New Energy Co.,Ltd.
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卖方: Shenzhen Soyanpower New Energy Co.,Ltd
卖方: Shenzhen Soyanpower New Energy Co.,Ltd
卖方: Shenzhen Soyanpower New Energy Co.,Ltd
卖方: Shenzhen Soyanpower New Energy Co.,Ltd