Laboratory Clamps And Supports

If you want to check the laboratory clamps and supports price with one China laboratory clamps and supports manufacturer and distributor or one of the professional such suppliers,Website:, Chuangrui is always at your service.Filling Stand (1)PhotoNameModel No.Technical Prameters/FunctionsLength(mm)/weight (kg)QuotationStainless steel frame tubeSMN1-1OD1/2”, thickness wall 1/16”;250Welcome your mail or call enquiry.SMN1-2500SMN1-3750Open-sided frame clampSMN2-1This connector has two open sides for rods at the angel to each other and accepts rods up to ID13mmT-joint frameSMN2-2One end has an open side that will clamp on a rod up to ID13mm.Other end has a female socket ID 19mm deep that will take a male connector ,or the butt end of a rod,up to 13mm.In-line  frame clampSMN2-3Each end of connector has a female socket 19mm.It will join two13mm rods, a rod and a male connector, or two male connectors in line end-to-endParallel frame clampSMN-4The connector holds rods or clamp shemps up toID13mm and 2 rods held at right angle to each otherRectangular baseSMN3-1Supports four rods or clamp, includes two thumbscrews.230*156, weight 1.8kg.Small V-baseSMN3-2Supports one rods including one thumbscrew0.7kgLarge v-baseSMN3-3Supports one rods including one thumbscrew1.7kgFilling Stand (2)PhotoNameModel No.Technical Prameters/FunctionsLength(mm)/weight (kg)QuotationScaffold footSMN3-4Holds one rod at a right angel surface ;includes one thumbscrew and three wood-mounting screws.Welcome your mail or call enquiry.Mounting footSMN3-5Holds one rod parallel to surface; includes one thumbscrew and two wood-mounting screws.Small ClampSMN4-1Open to 16mmClamps hold instruments and glasswareMedium ClampSMN4-2Open to45mmLarge ClampSMN4-3Open to 85Small viseSMN4-4Open to 76mmSecurely hold boards and thin sections such dishes ,rulers,filters ,etc.Board ClampSMN4-5Open to 8.5mmReplacement thumb screwSMN6Replacement thumbscrews fit all frame clamps and bases.


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