hoses, tube, drilling hoses


HEBEI JINGXIAN HUAXING SPECIAL RUBBER HOSE LIMITED COMPANY, located in the southeast of Hebei Province with Jing-Hu railway line, Shi-De railway line, Jing-Fu expressway and Ji- Shi expressway through, has convenient transport and communication facilities. The company with 200 workers and staff members is a special manufacturer of rubber procucts, covering an area of 3,400 square meters. And there are all types of production and test equipment including twisters, braiders, interal mixers advanced rubber strength test machines, hydraulic vulcanizers, and so on. Main Products (1)Fire retarded antistatic high pressure wire spiral rubber hose, high pressure braided rubber hose, and refractory rubber hose. (2)Super high pressure wire spiral rubber hose assembly. (3)High pressure hose, drilling hose used in petroleum system. (4)Stainless metal hose, fire retarded refractory high pressure rubber hose, abrasive sand-blast hose, PVC reinforced hose ( specially used for transformers). (5)Marine high-pressure oil hose (6、8、10、12 inch). (6)Rubber products. The products have been sold all over our country and well received by the customers. HEBEI JINGXIAN HUAXING SPECIAL RUBBER HOSE LIMITED COMPANY Address:Jing county yafu road no.158 TEL:0318-4226684 FAX:0318-4318506 M.T:13931821956 13831885757 Website:http://www.huaxing18.com E-mail:sales@huaxing18.com


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钻井水龙带,输油管 我们是中国一家公司,生产钻井水龙带,输油管,已通过API和9001国际认证.价格与质量的完美结合会给贵公司带来无限的商机.
tubing-hoses, pipes
tubing-hoses, pipes
hoses, tube, drilling hoses
hoses, tube, drilling hoses

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