XPS 发泡板材生产线

XPS foamed sheet, also named as Polystyrene Extrusion Plastic Sheet(XPS for short) has a perfect closed-pore alveolate structure. Its density, water absorption, coefficient of heat conducting and the coefficient of steam pervasion are all lower than those of other sheet heat insulating materials and they have the characteristics of strong intensity, light material, airtight, anticorrosion, ageing resistance, low cost, etc. It has been widely used in the fields of heat preservation in the construction industry and the highway, railway, airport, square of the heat preservation and household fitment. It is the generally acknowledged and the best heat insulator in the market at present. The production line parameters: Extruder system No 1 zone No 2 zone Screw dia(mm) 135 150 Screw ratio(L/D) 33 33 Heating zone 9 12 Heating power(kw) 50 90 Driving motor power(kw) 110 90 Thickness of produced board(mm) 20,25,30,40,50,60,80,90,110 Width of produced board(mm) 600,900,1000 Length of produced board(mm) 1200,1250,2450,2500 Edge of produced board ss type (sl connection, Rc) Output(kg/h) 280 or depend on choices Dimension L*W*H(m) 40*8.2*5.5 Total weight (ton) 20 The board:  Color Pink, yellow, green, blue, white and so on  Length mm 1200-2500 or depended on your choice Width mm 600,900,1000 Thickness mm 20,25,30,40,50,60,80,90,110,120 Thermal coefficient w/m.k 0.028 Impact strength Kpa 150-700 Sop coefficient % ≤0.86 Density kg/m3 32-55kg/m3


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XPS 发泡板材生产线
XPS 发泡板材生产线

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